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Program Overview

Undergraduate students in the online Organizational Leadership and Management major are provided with the necessary foundation in a number of areas that are crucial to a managers’ success such as learning to make ethical decisions, motivate and inspire employees to work towards a common goal, plan for the future and focus on organizational goals, evaluate and counsel individual and group performance, effectively manage and build successful teams, resolve conflicts, improve oral and written communication and, in general, make the people around them more successful. A leadership career involves taking your organization into a better direction, or to surpass previous limits of a team or unit by using the critical tools taught in the major.   

The accredited College of Business and Innovation is one of the country’s best business schools. UToledo has one of the few leadership and management programs to focus on emotional intelligence and conflict resolution.

Benefits of UToledo

The University of Toledo is a 4 year, public, regionally accredited university that has been serving students since 1872. As a student, you will enjoy: direct contact with your advisors and interactive faculty to help you achieve your goals. UToledo also has many resources that a large institution offers such as; eTutoring, IT Help Desk, and eLibrary.

Program Details

The online organizational leadership and management bachelor’s degree program focuses on four areas, which include leading and managing change, leadership skills, emotional intelligence, and conflict resolution.

Students majoring in Leadership must complete all of the following courses:

  • HURM 3220: Human Resource Management
  • MGMT 3630: Conflict Management: Mediation and Negotiation
  • MGMT 3770: Ethics in Leadership and Management
  • MGMT 4210: Leading and Managing People Improvement
  • HURM 4710: Human Capital Performance and Development
  • MGMT 4330: Leading Organizational Change and Development
  • MGMT 4780: Leading and Managing People


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UToledo COBI graduates with an organizational and leadership management degree enter a variety of organizations, both for profit and not-for-profit.  Some students begin working in a management training program. Others choose to continue their education by pursuing master’s or doctoral degrees, leading to careers in consulting, management development and college-level teaching.

Admission requirements

*Students who do not qualify for direct admission may be admitted to Exploratory Studies in University College.

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