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Rocket Wheels

The University of Toledo proudly began its bike sharing program, Rocket Wheels, in 2015. This program offers UToledo students, faculty and staff an alternative option for traveling around campus. Rocket Wheels aims to foster a stronger and greener campus by providing a convenient and accessible campus bike share program. Rocket Wheels is free to all UToledo students, faculty and staff.

Please Note: Due to extremely cold temperatures and other inclement weather factors usually present during Ohio winters, bikes will be unavailable on campus from mid-November until approximately mid-March. 


How to Ride

Step 1: Before you can cruise away, you must first register as a member of the Rocket Wheels 
bike share program. Allow 24 hours for account activation. Register Now

Step 2: Locate one of the four bike share stations. Don’t know where to go?

 View Map 

Step 3:  Check out a Rocket Wheels bike!

  • Swipe your Rocket ID at the bike share station.
  • Select the bike you would like on the touch screen and open the cabinet door.
  • Look for the key fob that is lit up. Push the key fob into it to release it, then pull out.
  • Take the key, close the door and unlock your bike!

Step 4: Enjoy your bike ride!

Step 5: Return your bike

  • Return the bike and key to its original bike share station.
  • Lock the bike to the bike rack.
  • Take the black part of the key fob and hold it up to the bottom of the display screen where the circle is located.
  • The cabinet will ask you to open the door.
  • Insert the key into the slot that's lit up, close the door and you are finished!

 Liability Release Terms & Conditions


There are four convenient bike sharing stations across campus. Don't know where to go? Don't worry, simply view our map or download Waze for additional information on construction, alerts or detours. 


Last Updated: 10/12/20