University Policy

Blood Bank

3364-108-001 Quality System Essentials
3364-108-101 Organization Issues
3364-108-102 Personnel Selection-Training-Education-Competency
3364-108-103 Equipment Calibration-Validation-Preventative Maintenance
3364-108-104 Process Control-Change Control
3364-108-105 Documentation-Recordkeeping-Record Review
3364-108-106 Incident-Error-Accident Review
3364-108-107 Internal Assessment-Process Improvement
3364-108-108 Supplier Qualification-Reagent Verification
3364-108-109 Facilities and Safety
3364-108-110 Computer Validation Protocol
3364-108-111 Process and Equipment Validation Protocol
3364-108-112 Blood Bank Emergency Operations Plan
3364-108-201 Refrigerators and Freezers for Storage of Blood and Blood Components
3364-108-202 Blood and Component Storage, Expiration and Transportation
3364-108-203 Inventory of Blood and Blood Components
3364-108-204 Component Label Verification
3364-108-205 Autologous and Directed Donor Units
3364-108-206 Blood Bank in the Emergency Department
3364-108-207 Recall and Disposition of Units Unsuitable for Transfusion
3364-108-301 Collection and Identification of Specimens
3364-108-302 Requisition and Selection of Blood and Blood Components
3364-108-303 Special Circumstances for Selection of Blood and Blood Components
3364-108-304 Confirmation of Donor Blood Type
3364-108-305 Patient Pretransfusion Compatibility Testing
3364-108-306 Rh(D) Immune Globulin
3364-108-307 Critical Test LImits in Blood Transfusion Service
3364-108-308 Maximum Surgical Blood Order Schedule
3364-108-401 Issue and Return Blood and Blood Components
3364-108-402 Administration of Blood and Blood Components
3364-108-403 Appropriate Blood and Blood Component Use
3364-108-404 Urgent Request for Uncrossmatched Blood
3364-108-405 Massive Transfusion Protocol
3364-108-501 Laboratory Investigation of Adverse Effects of Transfusion
3364-108-502 Investigation of Suspected Transfusion-Transmitted Disease
3364-108-503 Lookback Protocol

Last Updated: 6/27/22