Research and Sponsored Programs

URAF Recipients 2002-2003

Archaeological Research Fund 
Stothers, David

 C14 Dating Project

deArce-Koch Memorial Endowment Fund in Support of Medical Research & Development Program
Akkus, Ozan Acoustic Emission Based Surveillance System for Prediction of Stress Fractures 
Huang, Xuefei A Novel Synthesis of an Anticancer Glycolipid by Chemical Glycosylation in Water with Colloidal Dispersion
Kirchhoff, Jon Evaluation of the Inhibition of Choline Uptake In Vitro and In Vivo
Mueser, Timothy Crystallographic Studies of an Active Site Mutant of T4 RNase H in Complex with a Fork DNA Substrate
Pincivero, Danny  Effort Perception and Muscle Activity in Younger and Older Adults
Viola, Ronald Probing the Enzymatic Basis of a Fatal Human Disease
Williams, Frederick Neurodevelopment and Cognition in Zebrafish Exposed to Mercury as Thimerosal Preservative
Interdisciplinary Research Initiation Award
McInercey, Marcia
Quinn, Anthony
Vestal, Deborah
Von Grafenstein, Herman
 Role of IFN-y in the Development and Progression of Type I Diabetes
Summer Research Awards and Fellowships
Barlowe, Jame Viewer, I Married Him: Cinematic Adaptations of 19th and Early 20th Century Novels by British and American Women Writers
Bennett, Rebecca Emotional Intelligence, Personality, Teamwork and Interview Outcomes
Easley, Dale Improvisation and New Ventures
Escobar, Isabel Investigation of Fouling in Modified Polymeric Membranes
Geers, Andrew The Affective Expectation Model and Placebo Effects
Geiger, Timothy Printing the LetterPress Book: Variations on a Text by Vallejo
Goddard, Yvonne Developing the Literacy Skills of Adolescents with Disabilities Using Scientifically-Based Instructional Strategies: Responding to a Pressing National Priority
Gregory, Melissa Domestic Terror in Victorian Culture: Narratives of Psychological Violence
Herndon, Ruth Wallis Narragansett America: Retelling New England History
Kim, Dong-Shik Enzymatic Polymerization of Novel VOC-Free Coating System Using Renewable Resources
Kumar, Revathy Empowering Prospective Teachers to Meet the Needs of a Diverse Student Population
Li, Wei Novel Channel Allocating Schemes in Wireless Mobile Networks with Multiple Calls
Linnenbrink, Elizabeth Students' Interactions in Collaborative Groups: An Achievement Goal Theory Approach
Moorhead, Daryl Response of Native Turtles in the Ottawa National Wildlife refuge to Habitat Variation and an Exotic Invader, Trachemys Scripta Elegans
Neher, Deborah Stable Isotopes in Nematodes: A Novel Technique for Discerning Trophic Level and Feeding Habits
Pryor, Benjamin "Dreamlike" Critique: Law and Politics After Foucault and Nancy
Pugh, Kevin Measuring Transformative Experience
Rizk, Mysoon Dirty Work: The Art and Times of David Wojnarowicz
Shao, Qin Analysis of Variance of Periodic Time Series
Stuart, Thomas Automotive Servicing via Wireless Communication
Visiting Faculty Research Program
Reid, Neil Industrial Foundations of Metropolitan Toledo
Proposal Preparation Mini-Grants to Federal Agencies
Messer, William Muscarinic Agonists
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