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Visiting Faculty Researcher Awards


This program is designed to enhance our relationship with other colleges and universities and to contribute to the community by bringing a visiting faculty member to The University of Toledo for collaborative research on a problem of mutual interest. Full-time tenured and tenure-track faculty from any discipline at the University can sponsor expert practitioners or faculty from colleges and universities outside of Northwest Ohio. An expert practitioner is defined as an individual who is capable of performing research, has access to potential graduate students, and has a terminal graduate degree. Faculty from other institutions with upcoming sabbaticals may view this as an opportunity to take their sabbatical at The University of Toledo. The intention of the program is both to develop an ongoing professional relationship and to develop contacts for graduate students.

Up to $6,000 will be provided to the visiting faculty member who must agree to spend at least six consecutive weeks in residence at UT. Opportunities to supplement the fellowship through part-time teaching can be investigated, subject to the needs of the college and the availability of UT faculty to cover required course loads.

Submission Requirements

The following information must be included:

Visiting faculty researcher program cover page

1.  A completed Visiting Faculty Researcher Program cover page.

2.  A proposal of no more than three pages double-spaced, written for a general audience and summarizing the project and its expected outcomes.A two-page summary of potential benefits to The University of Toledo, such as the stimulation of joint research projects, an increase in graduate student applications and development of long-term, inter-institutional relationships.

3.  A two-page biosketch from the proposed visitor that includes current professional position, degrees (with institutions and dates), professional positions held, recent relevant publications, artistic performances or other original products, and grants and contracts (template available at

4.  Supportive statements by the department chair and dean indicating that space will be provided for the visitor.

5.  A budget (may include travel expenses, salary and fringe benefits) with justification.


Proposals will be evaluated using the following criteria:

1.  Qualifications of the visitor

2.  Viability of the collaborative research

3.  Potential for ongoing collaboration and development of collaborative proposals

4.  Expected outcomes and impact of the project (potential for leveraging of funds from participating institutions will be viewed favorably)

5.  Opportunity for the collaboration to increase graduate student applications to the UT program

6.  Strategic initiatives involving the proposed visitor’s college or university and UT

7.  Recommendation of the dean and commitment of the college

Proposal Submission

Submit your proposal as a single PDF file containing all required elements via e-mail to

Award Notification

See General Guidelines.

Reporting Requirements

Visitors and sponsors will be required to submit a written report to 180 days after the conclusion of the grant describing activities performed under the grant and follow-up activities.

Last Updated: 2/21/20