The University of Toledo Research Enterprise

General Guidelines for All URAF Proposals

Proposals that do not follow these guidelines and any additional instructions listed under each program will not be accepted.


  1. Full-time, tenure-track or tenured faculty at the University of Toledo are eligible to submit as PI. Twelve-month faculty are not eligible for Summer Fellowships. Preference will be given to tenure-track assistant professors, except for the Biomedical and STEM Research Innovation programs, the focus of which is directed to established researchers and senior faculty.
  2. PI must be at UT during the full academic year of the award.
  3. Applicants may NOT be a PI on more than one proposal submitted to the Summer Fellowships, deArce-Koch Memorial Fund, Interdisciplinary Research Initiation or Biomedical Research Innovation programs. Faculty may, however, be a co-investigator on a second proposal submitted to one of these programs—see #7 below.
  4. Faculty may not receive support from more than two URAF award programs over any seven-year period.
  5. Faculty may not receive awards in two consecutive years.
  6. Faculty may not teach during the summer if they are awarded summer salary under a URAF award program.
  7. Faculty who serve as a PI of an award under one URAF program may receive funding as a co-investigator under another program as long as the activities are independent.
  8. Although preference will be given to untenured, tenure-track professors, proposals from tenured faculty will be considered.
  9. Past levels of internal funding will be taken into consideration; priority will be given to those who have not previously received internal funding.

Format and Content Requirements:

  1. Use only the cover page provided on the internal URAF Website at
    Do not add a title page separate from the URAF program cover page.
  2. Use standard 8.5 x 11 inch paper with one-inch margins on all four sides and double-spaced. Use a 12-point type limited to Georgia, Palatino, Century or Times New Roman.
  3. Paginate every page, beginning with page 1 for the cover page.
  4. Include a cited literature reference list (full citations) of no more than two pages.
  5. Include a budget and budget justification of no more than two pages that list major expenditure categories, including faculty salary and fringe benefits, student salaries and fringe benefits, equipment, supplies, travel, and other necessary costs. A template is available on the Webpage at
  6. Include a two-page biosketch for the PI and any co-investigators. The biosketch should include the individual’s current professional position, degrees (with institutions and dates), professional positions held, recent relevant publications, artistic performances, and other original products (such as patents, etc.). A biosketch template is available at
  7. Do not use staples or bind in any way; use paper clips or binder clips.

    Of special importance
  8. Bear in mind that your proposal will be reviewed by a group of faculty members, none of whom are necessarily experts in your discipline, much less your subdiscipline.Therefore, please avoid jargon, initially spell out acronyms, and strive to make your proposal understandable to a well-educated layperson. A well-written proposal will clearly state a thesis, hypothesis or goal and accurately describe a methodology for testing the thesis or hypothesis or of achieving the goal that can be accomplished within the time and financial constraints of the grant. If you think that your proposal is overly ambitious, please explain why you can accomplish it within the time frame or financial constraints of this grant. If appropriate, please explicitly state the data-set to be used, how date will be obtained, and if necessary why that dataset is relevant to the thesis or goal (or the preferred dataset). If you are using a dataset that would appear problematic to someone outside your discipline, please explain why this dataset is appropriate.  If the dataset presents obvious questions of sample bias, please candidly address this issue. Finally, for all empirical analyses, you must state the statistical methodology that will be used and briefly explain why you selected that particular methodology. If your dataset does not appear to be congruent with your statistical methodology, please state why and explain how this will affect your methodology or results.

Submission Requirements

See submission procedures on the URAF Submission Procedures page (

Please pay particular attention to the following “do not” items:

  1. Do not use a title page separate from the URAF program cover page.
  2. Do not use the university’s proposal approval/endorsement sheet and budget template.
  3. Do not include appendix material.
  4. Do not staple or bind in any way. Use paper or binder clips.

If you have any questions, please contact the Office of Research and Sponsored  Programs at 419.530.2844 or 419.383.4252.

Award Notification

You will receive an award letter signed by the Vice President for Research.

The Office of Grants Accounting will establish an account for you.

Approvals from the Institutional Review Board or the Institutional Animal Care and Use Committee are not required prior to proposal submission. However, funds will not be released without all required approvals.


Last Updated: 6/26/15