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"While a military career was always promoted and well respected in my family, when I first started my college experience I had no intent in being a part of it. I had a normal college life for the first year or so and then I realized I aspired for something more during and after college. I was a nursing major, so I already had the passion to help people, but I wanted to take this a step further. I looked into ROTC and joined on a whim. I have always loved working out and I thought at the very least it would keep me in shape. However, after joining it has done so much more for me. Joining ROTC instilled unparalleled leadership and confidence in me that a normal college experience never would have. I have been to three summer training programs that have taught me to push myself and adapt to new people and circumstances. I have had the chance to travel and precept as a student nurse in Hawaii, and get more hands on experience than a lot of my peers. Overall, it has given me the purpose to make positive changes after graduation as not only a nurse, but as a Lieutenant in the Army. "

Malory DeLeon 2019 - Nursing Major

"Growing up I always knew I wanted to pursue a career in the military. My father joined before I was ever born and made it to the rank of specialist before he was discharged with the diagnosis of stage 4 lymphoma. He received this diagnosis during basic training, and finished at the top of his class while still undergoing chemotherapy. I remember asking him how he could have completed that almost impossible task, and he replied that all he wanted to do was serve his country. He said we do this for the people who cannot do it themselves. Ever since then I knew I wanted to do more for my country, and eventually decided to make a career in the Army as an officer. Through the R.O.T.C. program at the University of Toledo I learned a lot about what I was really capable of. Sure the program is difficult, and requires a lot of time and dedication, but that's only one part. No one tells you that on top of this you have immensely difficult courses to take, in a town you've never been in, at a college where you know no one. Luckily, as hard as R.O.T.C. can get sometimes, I came in the first week and realized that I was a part of something really great. As soon as I put on that uniform, I gained about 80 family members and friends through the other Cadets in the program. Suddenly I had some of the same classes with them and we could study together, work out together, and navigate freshman year. I continued to push myself as much as I could, living by the philosophy of "If your name is on it, it better be the best you've got." This meant every paper I turned in, every test I took, every PT session I led, it had to be the best product I could possibly make. Doing this everyday paid off more than I could have imagined. On May 5, 2017, I commissioned as a Distinguished Military Graduate. This program is beneficial in more ways than I could ever explain. Soon I'll be headed off to Ft. Sam Houston for training in Medical Services, and then to my first duty station at Ft. Hood. I'm so grateful for the lessons I've learned through R.O.T.C., and for this amazing opportunity I have to serve my country."
Erin Fetters 2017 - Criminal Justice Major
"Most kids aspire to be something heroic or at least something that is perceived as cool. I never knew what I wanted to be when I got older, I went through school wondering and the only thing I ever really knew was that I wanted to be involved with the military in some manner. My father enlisted in the Army out of high school and as a result I lived the typical Army Brat life. In my senior year of high school, after many long decision making processes, I finally figured it out. I applied for the Army ROTC scholarship and began my adventure into the military world. Over a year ago, that journey officially began. I started studying Mechanical Engineering and living the Army ROTC life. It has had its ups and downs as with anything in life but I have gained invaluable training, memories and knowledge that I wouldn't trade for anything. I have learned how to balance a heavy class load with the responsibilities that come with being a Cadet and I am better for it. Being a member of Army ROTC has been a highly enjoyable experience and I would recommend it to anyone looking to do something more. Rockets lead the way!”
Savannah Hill 2016 - Mechanical Engineering Major
“My first few weeks of college being a part of the Rocket Battalion has done nothing but help me. Waking up every morning to attend Physical Training has really started my days off the right way. I know that this has helped me stay attentive and awake in class. If there is one thing I can take away from Army ROTC so far, it is that everyone is part of the same team. It’s a good feeling to know that as a freshman in college with only three weeks in to the semester, I already have a support group that is ready and willing to help me with any problems I may experience. I’ve been on several teams in the past. Army ROTC has been the best of them all. I have made more friends in the last few weeks than I ever thought possible. I have been given the opportunity to improve my physical condition and learn some of the basics of what it means to be a United States Army Cadet. I am looking forward to the challenges that my future will bring.”
Michael Cosenza 2016 - International Business Major
“Joining Army ROTC was one of the best and most important decisions I have made thus far in my life. Army ROTC has provided me with opportunities I never would have had as a regular college student. The training Army ROTC has provided me with has made me more outgoing, confident and quick on my feet both metaphorically and literally. I look forward to taking advantage of the amazing opportunities to visit exotic countries and experience different cultures later this year. I have met some great people, made better friends, and had experiences I will never forget in the Rocket Battalion.”
Rebecca Ruehl 2015 - Biology & Concentration in Pre-Med
“I knew that along with a career in the Army, I also wanted a college education. Joining the Army ROTC program has given me this opportunity. I am now able to complete my college degree on a full scholarship as well as commission as a 2nd Lieutenant. Army ROTC will help me achieve my goals of being a college graduate, and it will give me the knowledge and skills needed to be a leader for other Soldiers. Army ROTC has enriched my college experience by still allowing me to participate in things that will help me later on in my military career. By joining Recon platoon, I have been able to master complex infantry tactics. I was able to compete in the Bold Warrior Competition and German Armed Forces Proficiency Badge last year. I also participate in a Cultural Understanding and Language Program in Portugal for a month over the summer. These opportunities have opened my eyes to the many things I will be able to do once I commission after graduation. I am looking forward to the remainder of my Army ROTC experience at The University of Toledo, also I am looking forward to the opportunities that lie ahead.”
Nathaniel Osborne 2015 - Exercise Physiology Major
“Coming into ROTC, I honestly had no idea what I was getting myself in to. I'm a nursing major so I figured I would be doing things that went along with both Nursing and the Army. I knew I had to go to PT three days a week and go to MSL and lab every once in a while. I can pretty much say that the first few weeks of my freshmen year totally shocked me. PT was so much harder than I thought it was going to be, people were ordering me around telling me to do stuff that I had no clue how to do, and I didn't know a single person! I am so glad I stuck with it though. I think that if I wasn't in Army ROTC, my college experience wouldn't be the same. I have met some of the greatest people through the Army ROTC program. My favorite memory was Bold Warrior Competition my freshman year. Even though I was lost half the time, everyone helped me out and we all had a blast being the first all female team the Rocket Battalion ever sent. Overall, I have learned so much from everyone in the Battalion and I hope to continue to learn and contribute as I complete the program."
Peggy Williamson 2014 - Nursing Major
“The University of Toledo's U.S. Army ROTC program has afforded me a wealth of education, experience, and opportunity. For example, during the summer of 2011, I participated in the Project GO! language instruction program at Indiana University, Bloomington, where I undertook eight, arduous and intensive weeks of Russian language instruction. During the summer of 2012, as part of Cadet Command's Cultural Understanding and Language Program (CULP) and through the support from the University of Toledo's Rocket Battalion, I was one of thirty American Students who were the very first Americans to attend, train, and graduate from the Republic of Georgia's NATO-sponsored, Partnership-for-Peace military mountaineering course, hosted at the Sachkhere Mountain Training and Education Center in Sachkhere, Imereti Province, Georgia. Throughout our training, we learned the fundamentals of military mountaineering, including: creating fixed ascending and descending rope systems, learning the basics of technical mountain climbing, negotiating mountainous obstacles, tactically descending mountainsides and crevices, and traversing through the Southern Caucasus Mountains. The University of Toledo's Army ROTC program has provided me with the means and opportunities to create a profound and positive impact in the world. Without being a proud member of the Rocket Battalion, I would never develop the lasting friendships with previous (and current) Cadre, Cadets, and individuals from across the globe. I highly suggest giving this program a shot. The opportunities are, without a doubt, worthwhile to one's professional and personal development."
Jordan Annis 2014 - Pre-Law Major
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