Office of Student Involvement & Leadership

Office Space and Mail Boxes

Below is a listing of Office Spaces for the 2017-2018 academic year. Office Space was allocated on a first come first serve basis, and student organizations must reapply annually. Spaces are not guaranteed and rooms can be changed as student organizations grow and contribute to The University of Toledo. To ensure equity, larger student organization spaces may require sharing. Effective August 1st fall 2016 all student organizations receiving space must adhere to the Student Organization Office Rules and Guidelines.

Vacated Office Spaces

All offices that are being vacated must be vacated by the last day of classes during the spring semester. Office Spaces that are not vacated fully will result in that student organization’s materials being thrown out. 

New Office Space Holders

All new office space holders will be able to move into their new space on the first day of classes during the spring semester.

Office Holders not moving

All office holders who are not moving must have their office clean and ready for inspection during exam week of the spring semester.

You must provide a listing of all students and staff who can be granted swipe access into your office. This must be submitted no later than August 1stPlease use the excel form attached to this email to do so. Please submit your listing to



The listing of office space allocation for the 2017-2018 school year can be found here.


Student Organization Office Rules

The Student Organization Office Rules can be found here.


Looking for Space in the 2018-2019 School Year?

Apply no later than January 31  at 5 pm by clicking here or by going into your OrgSync Portal under "Forms" and filling out the "Office Space/Mailbox Submissions " form. 

Organizations MUST APPLY EVERY YEAR for space. Failure to apply each year will result in your space being offered to a new student organization. 

Last Updated: 12/11/17