Recreational Services

RocketEx Class Descriptions

Athletic Conditioning: Athletic Conditioning combines strength training, core and cardio, circuits, plyometric movements and speed, and agility drills to prove a total body workout! This class is designed to challenge you on individual basis and also as a group in a “team” like atmosphere. Take Athletic Conditioning to reach your maximum physical capacity in strength, speed, agility, and fitness.

BootcampBootcamp incorporates cardio drills, and multiple muscle toning movements using free weights and body weight. This workout is sure to take your fitness and endurance to the next level. The class format is always changing and will be sure to push you!

Pilates: A combination of muscular strength combinations and endurance exercises that increases flexibility, body alignment, and balance. Prepare to engage your core and improve your stamina with exercises that are appropriate for all levels.

PiYo: A blend of strength moves taken from pilates and yoga principles. It includes modifications for the group exercise environment, yet offers exercise progressions to challenge all levels of participants.

Rocket Cycle: This class simulates outdoor cycling on a specially designed stationary bike. It is an effective way to burn fat, build energy, and reduce stress. A professional, certified instructor guides the class along the way.

Total Body Conditioning: Total Body Conditioning is an energetic full-body workout that includes strength, cardio and core in one complete workout.

Yoga: Challenge and connect your mind and body with yoga aanas, vinyasas, conscious breathing, stretching, and relaxation techniques. Yoga is an individual practice where all judgment, competition, and expectations are let go. The focus is internal, connecting breath, body and mind.

Yin Yoga: “Yin yoga is part of the original Hatha Yoga tradition.  It emphasis passive stretching going dee into connective tissues to strengthen joints, ligaments and fascial networks.  In the practice of Yin, we cultivate awareness, patience and resilience”.

Last Updated: 12/20/19