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A Quick Glance at the Residence Halls



MacKinnon, Scott and Tucker


Presidents Hall
1-Person Rooms x x x x   x  
2-Person Rooms x x   x x x x
3-Person Rooms       x      
4-Person Rooms x            
Co-ed by Floor     x        
Co-ed by Suite (Bath in Suite)   x     x   x
Co-ed by Wing x         x  
24-Hour Info. Desk x  x    x x x
Air-Conditioning x x x x x x
Alcohol and Substance- Free Floor   x       x x
Community Bathrooms x   x x   x  
Computer Lab x  x  x   x x x
Convenience Stores   x          
Dining Service         x x x
Elevators x x x x x x
First-Year Focus           x  
Floor Lounge x  x      x x x
Wheelchair Accessible Rooms x x     x x x
Recreation Room x x     x x x
Cable Hook-Up (in room) x x x x x x x
Data Hook-Up (in room) x x x x x x x
Laundry Facilities x x x x x x x
Telephone Hook-Up (in room) x x x x x x x

TELEPHONE SERVICE NOTE: Information Technology will provide basic telephone service to all students residing in residence halls upon their request.  Students should contact the IT Help Desk at x2400 or go to Students may request campus telephone system service only for the room in which they reside. We provide unlimited local telephone service and also unlimited campus calls. There is no charge to the student for these services. Students must bring their own telephone, we do not provide any equipment.  If the student wants to dial long distance or toll free they will need to use a long distance provider calling card, and they need to obtain such card/service on their own. Additional information for Resident Hall Students can be viewed by clicking this link

Last Updated: 10/4/16