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Online Tutoring: 3 easy ways to finding the answers

photo of a laptop with eye glasses eTutoring will not be available this summer

Chat with a Tutor
Get help with your questions from one of our live eTutors.

An eTutor and student share a live workspace in which they communicate through various tools including chat, voice and video, whiteboard, file sharing, and application sharing.

To chat with a tutor, log into the site and check out the tutor schedule on your home page.

If there is a tutor available, you can go right into the chat room. You may have to wait if there is another student already in there and working. If there is not a tutor available, please double check the online tutoring weekly schedule.

Leave an eQuestion
You can post a question and one of our tutors will get back to you with an answer. eTutors will help you develop strategies to find answers and resolve problems on your own.

Although tutors will not solve your problems for you, they will provide you with the guidance necessary to solve the problem. Present your question clearly. Describe specifically what you do not understand, or where you think you are getting stuck. Do your part to help the eTutor help you!

Use the Resources
Students can review an extensive resource library that is full of tips, techniques, and links to information on many subject areas.

  • Accounting
  • Anatomy & Physiology
  • Chemistry
  • Math (Algebra-Calculus)
  • Psychology
  • Physics
  • Statistics
  • C++
  • Computer Programming
  • Computer Science
  • Digital Literacy
  • Java
  • Microsoft Excel, Office, and Word
  • Writing Lab

How to get started:

1.  Log on to the eTutoring

2.  Click on "University of Toledo"

3.  Your Users Name is your UTAD ACCOUNT login
      Password: Toledo
User Type: select STUDENT

4.  Click the Sign In Button

Once your account is set, you will immediately have access to all the eTutoring services and tools.

 For technical support: call 1.866.GO.CTDLC (1.866.462.8352)

What Students are Saying about Online Tutoring:

“I can’t stress enough how helpful this program is. My skills have improved…and so have my grades.”

“I had no idea it would be so easy to use.”

“I got almost immediate feedback.”

“I was very pleased with the services and with the person who answered my question.”

Last Updated: 6/30/19