Student Athletic Academic Services (SAAS)

Programs and Services

Academic Advising

University of Toledo student-athletes are assigned an academic advisor from their chosen major program.  Student-athletes are encouraged to meet regularly with their academic advisors to received guidance on course selections and graduation requirements. Major advisors are ultimately the experts in navigating student-athletes through the curriculum of their declared program of study.

student athlete with tutors showing A+ paperIn addition to student-athletes’ major advisor, each sport team has a designated SAAS Academic Coordinator. Major advisors and SAAS Academic Coordinators work together to assist the student-athlete with creating balanced course schedules that meet degree requirements while not interfering with athletic commitments. SAAS professional staff maintain files on all student-athletes in order to monitor academic progress and NCAA athletic eligibility.  All tracking information (targeting reports, tutorial feedback, academic progress, eligibility data, and college advising documentation) is kept on file and communicated to coaches regularly.  Toledo student-athletes are urged to demonstrate responsibility in understanding all eligibility requirements.  Meeting with major advisors and Academic Coordinators frequently help to ensure student-athletes are meeting NCAA eligibility requirements and successfully navigating through their college experience.   

Last Updated: 6/26/15