Department of Exploratory Studies

Major Fair - Majorpalooza

The MAJORS FAIR is designed to assist exploratory students gain more information about their academic options.

The Majors Fair, co-sponsored by the Department of Exploratory Studies and Career Services, is open to all UT students as well as to prospective transfer students who are interested in learning more about the various academic programs at The University of Toledo. The event is a wonderful opportunity for students who want to choose or change their majors or find a second major or minor. This event is geared for "undecided" students as well as those that have already declared a major. We know that over 60% of students change their major at least once.

Our objective is-
  • To provide students a centralized opportunity to investigate various curricular and career options in one place at one time
  • To provide students an opportunity to talk with advisors from all UT colleges as well as faculty from a variety of disciplines
  • To help students make informed decisions, be academically successful, and complete their degrees in a timely fashion

The Fair includes faculty and advisers from all of UT's undergraduate colleges. Faculty, staff and students are available to answer questions and provide information. Staff from Career Services and the Department of Exploratory Studies assist at the Majors Fair. The event is informal, fun and informative.

For more information visit Career Services Major-Palooza

For more information call Career Services (419-530-4341) or the Department of Exploratory Studies as (419-530-1250).

Last Updated: 3/23/15