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Every single experience at UToledo has been great. I love that there are a lot of opportunities if you’re willing to seek them out and put in the effort.”
Hunter Perrin
Class of 2019, nursing | Jackson, Mich.
The only:

accredited recreation therapy program in Ohio

undergrad program in cosmetic science and formulation in the U.S.

The first:

disability studies bachelor’s degree program of its kind in the U.S.

Points of Pride
  • The paralegal studies program is a national demonstration program — one of the only programs in the U.S. to be approved by the American Bar Association.
  • The College of Engineering is one of eight in the U.S. to require co-ops.
  • The College of Business and Innovation is one of only 6% of business colleges around the world to receive accreditation from the Association to Advance Collegiate Schools of Business.
  • UToledo adapts to stay on top of current trends in the job market. We offer research opportunities and academic programs in emerging fields such as data science, solar energy, sustainable technologies, precision medicine, safe drinking water and so much more.

"What's your major?"

You’ll answer that question a gazillion times during the next few years. But we’ve got you covered. UToledo has more than 250 degree programs and pre-professional career tracks. You’ll find your academic fit here.

Are You Curious About...
  • The Arts?
  • Teaching?
  • Other Languages and Cultures?
  • Science and Math?
  • A Career in Business?
  • Tinkering with Technology and Solving Engineering Problems?
  • Media and Communications?
  • Helping People and Improving Healthcare?
  • How Medicines are Made or What a Pharmacist Does?
  • Everything. (I Have No Idea What I Want to Do.)

It’s OK. You don’t have to know what you want to do with the rest of your life right now. This is the time to explore — and you can do that and still graduate in four years. Leaning toward a certain major? Enroll and take required general courses while you check out all your options. Don’t have a clue? Don’t let it stop you. UToledo’s University College offers the QUEST program for undecided students. You can take up to three semesters to choose a major. We offer success coaches, academic advisors and course work to help you figure it all out.

I'm Ready for More
Academic Challenges
Hands-On Research
Pre-Professional Programs
With the Honors College, I have been able to make the most of my experience at UToledo. I am constantly surrounded by success coaches, other mentors and fellow students who I could always go to for personal or professional advice."
Lauren Bahonsua
Class of 2019, pharmacy major and student in the Jesup Scott Honors College; Class of 2021, Pharm.D. | Chicago, Ill.
What It Means to be an Honors Student

"For most of my life, I’ve felt more like a follower than a leader, but after joining the Honors College, I was able to step out of my comfort zone. I became more active with organizations around campus, volunteered at events and took on leadership positions that allowed me to grow."

Research opportunities

"I wanted an experience in a lab beyond chemistry courses. So I worked in the lab of a medicinal biology chemistry professor. I was pretty independent, doing my own research and testing my own theories about a drug compound to fight cancer."

A home away from home

"Part of me wanted to get away from home. But I was also scared of being on my own for the first time. The Honors College was a nice way for me to form a community. We had all kinds of experiences — going to Cedar Point, attending talks by people like Apple co-founder Steve Wozniak, meeting author Richard Russo. I also joined the Honors Foodie Club. We’d go out to a new restaurant every week. It was a nice way to get to know the city. And it allowed me to meet my three best friends."

Other benefits of the Honors College:
  • Priority registration
  • Honors-only housing and scholarships
  • Small, discussion-based classes
  • A focus on experiential education – service learning, research, study abroad
  • Events, field trips, lecture series and other programming
  • Success coaches
  • Honors seminars
My professor encouraged me to do research. I was fired up that there was someone who gave me an opportunity. I am investigating how mobile technologies — such as smartphones and apps — can be used as tools for those learning Japanese. I’m going back to Japan this summer to collect data. In the fall, I'll work on generating a publication from my research.”
Deidra Buenger
Class of 2020, English and Asian Studies dual major with a minor in Japanese | Holland, Ohio
Faculty mentors

“Consistently and without fail, my teachers have gone above and beyond to help me succeed. They got me out of my comfort zone and gave me opportunities I didn’t know existed. What’s special at UToledo is you can be comfortable communicating with your professors. They give kind support, but they also give critical feedback so we can improve. They’re willing to push us to be more than we thought we could.”

Financial support

Deidra spent her junior year studying at one of the top six universities in Tokyo. Her merit scholarships helped finance her time abroad. Last year, she won $2,000 with her first-place finish in a Japanese speech competition. She combined that with a $3,000 grant from UToledo’s Office of Undergraduate Research to fund her summer research. She also works in the Learning Enhancement Center during the school year to help pay tuition.

When I visited UToledo, I thought the bioengineering program was ahead of its time and would allow me to pursue my passion for medicine. I applied and got into the Bacc2MD program, which guarantees me a medical school interview without taking the MCAT. It was a no-brainer. I wanted to give myself the greatest chance to become the physician I want to be.”
Justin Mendoza
Class of 2022, bioengineering and Bacc2MD pre-med student | Toledo, Ohio
Hands-on experience.

Justin will complete three co-ops before he graduates.

“UToledo strives to give you experience before you graduate. That was important to me.”

He also worked in a research lab on UToledo’s Health Science Campus. He emailed a professor to express his interest in her research. She offered him a position. He then applied to UToledo’s First-Year Summer Research Experience and received a stipend to work in her lab.

“I’m working on how to deliver therapeutic agents to cancer cells and decrease tumor size. I’m trying to solve problems. I’m learning that a physician’s job isn’t only to treat patients. Preventive care is just as important.”

Want to become a doctor, vet, attorney, dentist or pharmacist? UToledo’s pre-professional tracks offer top-notch advising and preparation.

  • Choose any major you like. Select a pre-professional track when you apply.
  • Save time and money with our accelerated and pipeline programs.
  • Benefit from top-notch advisors. We know what it takes to get you into the professional school of your choice because we have medical, law and pharmacy schools. Our new Pre-Health Advising Center offers resources and support for prospective and current pre-med, pre-vet and pre-dental students.
  • Build your resume with our research, professional development and volunteer opportunities. It pays to have the resources of a large, public university.
  • Use the latest tools — state-of-the-art labs, simulations centers and mock courtrooms.
Supportive, Involved Faculty Members
and Advisors = Student Success

Don't take our word for how awesome our professors are. Hear it firsthand from our students who nominated faculty for outstanding teacher awards.

Dr. Todd Crail
Environmental Sciences

“I have yet to meet any professor as engaging and passionate about the environment as Dr. Crail. He has a distinct voice and motivation in what he teaches. If you want a better world, a better environment, then you have to act upon it. Dr. Crail encourages students’ critical thinking, he supports the curious mind, and he makes time for his students.”

Dr. Jillian Bornak
Physics and Astronomy

“She brought her enthusiasm for science into the classroom when we were all tired and drained. Her enthusiasm was contagious, and her energy made it easy to show up to every class.”

Dr. Ruslan Slutsky

“He is always willing to give extra help, and he goes out of his way to provide students with learning experiences outside the classroom — research opportunities, conferences, etc. His lectures are thought-provoking and stimulate deep discussions.”

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Last Updated: 6/27/22