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I traveled to Hocking Hills in southern Ohio to look at geologic formations. I’ve planted, collected seeds and picked up plastic trash at a park so fish wouldn’t eat it.

These activities help me learn better. If you just learn from the textbook, you’ll forget after the class. But I’ll never forget these experiences.”
Xinlu Yu
Class of 2020, environmental studies | Xi'an, China
Study Abroad
Field Experience
Hands-on Experience

Study Abroad

Justin Petty
Class of 2020, theatre | Southfield, Mich.
“When my teacher first told us about the opportunity to spend a month at the Moscow Art Theatre, I knew I needed to go. I wanted to go to the source. We were learning the Stanislavsky method and I wanted to hone in on what I was learning and become a better actor. It taught me so much.”

Why UToledo

“I came to UToledo knowing I had a better chance to get cast. I never thought I’d get an opportunity to be a lead unless the play was a black play. But they let me play roles usually played by straight, white men. They truly cast based on your talent and potential. I have been in every production at UToledo since I’ve been here. I am directing a play on the main stage next year. I’ve also had opportunities to do crew and work in the costume shop. If you want to do something at UToledo, you can.”

Research and Internship

Justin was awarded a research grant during his sophomore year to study the history of Russian actor and director Konstantin Stanislavsky and how schools can use his approach for training actors. This summer, he has an internship at Pride Films & Plays in Chicago. He will be an assistant director for a show.

Faculty Support

“I did a show outside of school at the Toledo Repertoire Theatre. Every teacher came to see me and support me. One of the deans came. They’ve set me up with so many opportunities. The teachers genuinely want you to learn. That’s so important — having teachers who care.”


Nathan Szymanski
Class of 2019, physics and mathematics dual major | Genoa, Ohio
“I’ve been conducting research since my freshman year at UToledo. Both in and out of my major, the professors really care about their students. They want us to learn, they promote our involvement with research and they're collaborative. In my research, I plugged into Ohio’s largest supercomputer and ended up with one of the nation’s most prestigious scholarships.”

Faculty Support

One of Nathan’s professors offered extra credit to students who discussed research opportunities with a professor. Nathan talked to Dr. Sanjay Khare, chair of the Department of Physics and Astronomy. Dr. Khare offered him a job, and Nathan worked with him throughout his undergraduate career.

“At UToledo, I’ve worked on projects involving materials science, physics and chemistry. We connect to supercomputers across the nation to run massive calculations. I’ve also spent a summer conducting research at Northwestern University and have been first author on multiple publications.”

Prestigious Scholarship

Nathan believes his research experiences helped him win a highly competitive Goldwater Scholarship. This award goes to just 200 science, engineering and math students in the U.S. each year. Nathan didn’t even know about the scholarship until a faculty member suggested he submit a research proposal. He won $7,500, which allowed him to focus on his research during senior year.

Field Experience

Rose Mansel-Pleydell
Class of 2020, fine arts | Ney, Ohio
Tara Yarzand
Class of 2021, fine arts | Tehran, Iran
"I am very thankful that I got this opportunity in my second semester. To me, it represents a step that I wanted to take for a long time: to be a professional artist."

Rose and Tara participated in Carlson Library’s experiential learning initiative last year.

THEIR MISSION: Create a piece of art for the library that would incorporate a historic set of hands from the iconic University Hall clock tower.

THEIR FINAL WORK: A mural near the library’s circulation desk that will be there long after the pair has graduated.

Hands-on Experience

Isaac Petkac
Class of 2021, media communication major | Edinboro, Pa.
"Hands-on learning is miles better than sitting in a classroom. When I visited UToledo, a professor showed me all the opportunities I would have as a freshman. And I had even more. I called nine football games, including the MAC championship for UToledo’s radio station, WXUT. I called softball and baseball games on ESPN 3, our local channel. I was able to get experience from day one, and I haven’t stopped."

Isaac embraces all the opportunities UToledo offers to improve his skills and prepare for a career in sports broadcasting. He has worked for free and for a paycheck as a:

  • Play-by-play sports broadcaster for the student-run WXUT radio station and ESPN 3
  • News producer at UT:10, the University’s student-run, weekly news broadcast
  • High school sports broadcaster for BCSN, a local, cable sports network
  • Public address announcer for various UToledo sports

Faculty Support

"There's not a group of professors at UToledo better at what they do than our media communication professors. Without their guidance, I wouldn’t have the confidence to do what I’ve done. They’ve opened doors and recommended me for jobs. They tell me like it is, in a nice way, and help me refine my skills."

Cultivating Skills

"All of my experience has helped me develop skills that will help in my career and in my life. I’ve learned to better communicate on the air as well as off the air with my broadcasting partner so listeners can feel like they’re at the game, too. I’ve developed a more diverse vocabulary — more verbs and adjectives — so that the broadcast of the game flows better and isn’t repetitive. And I’ve learned to pay attention to all the little details that go into every play. UToledo has given me these opportunities and helped me see what’s out there."


Jaycee Cameron
Class of 2020, chemical engineering | Toledo, Ohio
“I like that co-ops are mandatory in my program at UToledo — and that they help you find them. Not all schools do that. Getting paid well is also attractive! The company I co-op with gives me real jobs. I’m not just making copies. I like that it’s different every day and the learning never stops. I’m learning valuable skills that will transfer to other companies.”

A Professional Payoff

Working in the oil industry was Jaycee’s dream job. She has had three co-op experiences at Toledo Refining Company. With each rotation, her responsibilities have increased. She learned what she did and didn’t like.

LIKED being out in the plant.

DIDN'T LIKE being strapped to a desk.

LIKED being challenged and solving problems.

DIDN'T LIKE working nights.

An Academic Payoff

“I like working one semester and going to school the next semester. I’m a hands-on learner. The first semester in class after my co-op was my best because I already knew how the theory worked in real life.”

A Financial Payoff

“Making that much money was a big jump for me. I’ve always made minimum wage.”

Jaycee has a plan. She lives at home to save money and takes out loans for her tuition. (She wanted to build credit.) She’s saving what she earns from her co-ops so she can quickly pay off her loans when she graduates. She’s confident she’ll easily find a job, thanks to her experience in a high-demand field.

Have passport. Will travel.

UToledo’s Education Abroad Office can hook you up with study abroad opportunities in more than 40 countries. Learn about new cultures. Make new friends. See new things.

  • Earn college credit.
  • Apply for grants, scholarships and financial aid. We’ll work with your budget. You can afford this.

Explore lots of options and match your academic, professional and life goals:

  • Semester at Sea
  • Short-term, summer and faculty-led trips
  • Direct exchange programs with other universities
  • Teach English abroad
  • Global health program (med student clerkships)
  • Camp AdventureTM (serve youth around the world as a camp counselor)

We want our students to make an impact in their communities. So we reward curious minds with research opportunities as early as freshman year. Some students email professors about working in their labs.

Others use the services of our Office of Undergraduate Research, which can:

  • Connect you to faculty mentors and projects
  • Help you find funding
  • Help you present your research at conferences and other events
82 undergraduates received funding in 2019

23,000+ hours spent on undergraduate research in 2019

Which would you rather do? Get your hands dirty at a real archeological site or read about a dig in a book? Take a patient’s blood pressure or watch a demo on YouTube?

We hear you. That’s why most UToledo academic programs incorporate service learning or field experiences into their curricula.

Our students:

  • Care for patients in student-run health clinics
  • Student teach in rural and urban settings
  • Investigate mock crime scenes
  • Travel to the Galapagos Islands to learn about conservation
  • Serve the poor in Guatemala
  • Dig into history at an archaeology site in a Toledo metropark
  • Make Toledo roundabouts environmentally friendly by planting native species

We know it’s hard to think about life after college. You haven’t even taken a class yet! But if you want a great job after you graduate, it’s not too early to start planning. Internships or jobs in your field can often lead to full-time positions.
They help you:

  • Gain practical experience
  • Build your resume
  • Refine your skills
  • Cultivate contacts

Career Services can help you track down job opportunities. Depending on your major — and whether an internship is required — your college may even have its own internship coordinator. You also might be able to receive academic credit for your internship or job.

Our students find work in all kinds of places. They work in city government through our partnership with the city of Toledo. They take part in the Washington Center internship program in Washington, D.C.

UToledo’s engineering program is one of just eight in the country that requires co-ops. And that’s a good thing for our students, who spend three semesters in the field.

  • Professional experience
  • Contacts/Networking
  • Full-time job leads
  • A paycheck
1,478 engineering co-ops Fall 2020 to Summer 2021

2,400 employer sites in 46 states and 44 countries
Last Updated: 6/27/22