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The University of Toledo's campus at sunset
I see UToledo as a big community of students who help each other. I come from so far away, but the minute I came to campus I felt at home. At orientation with my family, we met a lady at the front desk of my residence hall who spoke Spanish. My parents were much more comfortable leaving me here after that! I’ve learned so much, personally and professionally.”
Carolina Romero
Class of 2019, international business and marketing; Class of 2021 M.B.A. | Zaragoza, Spain

Exploring Possibilities

It’s time to decide who you are and where you want to go. Since 1872, The University of Toledo has educated students and launched careers. Our students are Fulbright scholars and talented inventors, scientists and musicians. More than 157,000 alumni are transforming lives and communities around the world. UToledo’s nationally ranked, one-of-a-kind academic programs will challenge you. And you’re not on your own. Our supportive faculty members are visionary educators and cutting-edge researchers. They know your name, as well as your strengths and goals. They invite collaboration. They’ll help you become a leader ... build connections ... change the world.

Interested In...


We've Got That!

UToledo is one of the most comprehensive universities in the nation. We offer more than 250 academic degrees. Be curious. Explore. With so many options, you'll find the right path.

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I wanted an American university that was affordable and had a high-quality education. When I found out the engineering program offered co-ops, I was more drawn to UToledo. During a career expo on campus, a recruiter from First Solar, a local company, saw on my resume that I had a double major. He contacted me a few days later and offered me a co-op job."
Harish Hemming
Class of 2021, computer science engineering and physics | Penang, Malaysia

UToledo Engineering alumnus Tom Burden's Grypmat was featured on the cover of Time magazine's 2018 Best Inventions of the Year after Burdent pitched his invention on Shark Tank.

Sparking Curiosity

At UToledo, we believe in learning by doing. We take you beyond the textbooks and the four walls of a classroom. State-of-the-art laboratories, local parks and lakes, historical collections and a world-renowned art museum become your intellectual playgrounds.

  • Independent or collaborative undergraduate research
  • Internships and co-op working experiences at leading global companies and organizations
  • Stateside and international travel with University teams
  • Community partnerships focused on service learning and leadership
Field Experience

Finding Home

Our beautiful campus is located in the heart of Toledo, on the border of a historic city neighborhood. Most of our colleges have their own buildings — some historic, some modern — with faculty offices and state-of-the-art classrooms and labs. You can walk from one end of campus to the other in about 20 minutes — unless you stop by the river that winds through campus. Or you sit on a bench to watch people on Centennial Mall, a lovely space with trees, flowers, a fountain and sculptures. Or you may take a minute to wonder, "What are those birds flying over campus making that high-pitched noise?" (They’re peregrine falcons, that nest each year in the bell tower of University Hall, one of our oldest and most beloved buildings.) It won’t take you long to find your favorite spots to hang out with friends or study. You’ll be a proud Rocket (our nickname) in no time, wearing the midnight blue and gold (our school colors).

Creating Connections

College is about more than academics. You’ll grow just as much — if not more — in the time you spend outside the classroom. Our students believe in our UToledo mission — to improve lives around the world. They make a difference in their communities, locally and globally. Whether you live on or off campus, you’ll have plenty of opportunities to get involved. Embrace them all.

Making friends and memories

Enjoy UToledo traditions — from athletic events to the Homecoming parade through the historic Old Orchard neighborhood. From Songfest and RockeTHON ― two events that raise money for charities ― to painting the rock on campus to show school spirit.

Growing as a leader

UToledo has more than 400 student organizations. We have cultural, ethnic and religious groups. Groups for business students, dog lovers and fans of fishing. Join one – or two or three. Start your own.

Giving back to the community

Our students volunteer more than 40,000 hours annually and have raised hundreds of thousands of dollars for charities. During the annual, student-run BIG event, 1,000+ students spread out in neighborhoods surrounding UToledo to wash windows, rake leaves and say “thank you” to our community.

Embracing Community

Get the best of both worlds in Toledo — a safe, walkable campus in a beautiful, residential neighborhood and an affordable city with lots to do nearby. Like to bike or wander in the park? We’ve got a trail that starts on campus and leads to a popular metropark. Are you a sports fan? Toledo has minor league hockey and baseball teams. Ready to listen to music and grab some dinner? Restaurants and music venues are mere minutes away. You can ride campus and downtown bus routes for free with your Rocket ID.

I come from a big city where the universities are downtown. But when I came here, I saw a massive university with green everywhere. The weather was nice; the fountain was on. There was a lot of activity on campus, people bringing their families and their dogs. There’s lots of stuff to do in Toledo ― festivals, apple picking in the fall, laser tag. The metroparks are beautiful. My favorites are Sky Zone, a trampoline park, and ice skating in the park near campus."
Daniella Gamboa Pabon
Class of 2020, biology | Bogota, Colombia

Toledo is a great place to launch your college experience — or a career. We are located in northwest Ohio along the Great Lakes, near the Michigan border, and at the intersection of two major highways. Toledo is just an hour from the Detroit airport and just a five-hour drive from Toronto, Canada. We are within hours of most of the Midwest’s major cities, including Cleveland and Chicago. That’s important when it comes to job shadows, internships, co-ops and job hunting — or when you just need to get away for a weekend or fly home.

Proving Value

We understand. You want the best value for your hard-earned dollar. UToledo is a proven value. And here’s why.

  • Our tuition guarantee assures new undergraduate students who enroll now a guaranteed, fixed tuition rate for four academic years.
  • Toledo is #3 on the list of most affordable cities for college students.
Last Updated: 1/23/23