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For me, enrolling at UToledo was the fastest path to becoming financially independent, since I knew I could support myself with scholarships, internships and on-campus employment.”
Naba Rizvi
Class of 2021, information technology | Karachi, Pakistan
Can I afford a UToledo education?

Yes, you can. We know a college education is a huge investment. We’re committed to working with you because we believe a UToledo education is worth it.

Naba is passionate about technology and breaking barriers in computer science. She was one of 20 students in the U.S. to win a Google Women Techmaker Scholarship in 2018. She is an intern this summer at Adobe Research Labs in San Jose, Calif. Naba also launched CodeWeGo with two fellow UToledo students. It’s an education-technology company to increase diversity in computer science by breaking language barriers.

Toledo Tuition Guarantee

We’ll help you budget for all four years — not just the first one. The tuition you pay your first year as an undergraduate will be the same tuition you pay in Year 4. If you choose to live on campus, your housing and meal plan rates won’t change, either. Guaranteed.

How Much Does UToledo Cost Each Year?

$19,875 (tuition) $12,470 (room and board)

Tuition varies slightly by college, program and a host of other options. But this is the average amount international students pay per year.

Can I reduce that Tuition Number?

Absolutely. Your hard work in high school can pay off with scholarships.

If you want to come to UToledo, our financial aid experts want to help you find a way.

How Can I Help Pay My Tuition?
Co-ops and Internships
On-campus Jobs

UToledo offers international undergraduates scholarships based on your grade point average.

  • $7,500 — 3.0-3.49 cumulative higher education GPA at the time of admission
  • $8,500 — 3.5 and higher cumulative higher education GPA at the time of admission

You may be eligible for additional scholarships from your college or department.

UToledo engineering students are required to complete three co-ops before graduating. Co-ops are paid jobs in the engineering field. Students work for companies in the Toledo area, in other states and even in other countries. They work full time for a semester at their co-op, then return to campus the next semester to take classes. The money they earn each semester while working often covers their tuition bills for the next semester. Some students also get experience in their educational fields by doing internships. Some internships are paid, but not all of them are.

On-campus jobs are a great way to help pay your tuition and living expenses. Our Career Services office can help you find employment. You may even be able to find a job in your field. Students work in IT, food service, tutoring and a host of other areas. Employers on campus often work around your class schedule. They know that school is your first priority.

Can I work and still do well in school?
I started working as a supplemental instruction leader for an introductory biology course my sophomore year. I attend class with the students and hold three study sessions a week to help them excel in class. I also work as a biology and chemistry tutor. It helps in my own studies. It refreshes my memory, and it’s material I need to know for the MCATs. It keeps me disciplined. I can work around my class schedule. The money I earn helps me pay for tuition and living expenses. My parents help, and I get a scholarship. But it’s nice to say I’ve contributed.”
Kebron Assefa
Class of 2020, biology and honors student | Addis Ababa, Ethiopia

Many of our students work. International students may work up to 20 hours a week on campus. UToledo’s Career Services office can help you find an on-campus job from among the more than 4,000 available each year.

  • On- and off-campus jobs
  • Internships
  • Permanent jobs that pay the bills

Last year,
653 students connected with alumni mentors
860 employers recruited at 10 career fairs

UToledo: A Proven Value and
a Great Return on Your Investment

If you stay focused and determined, you will graduate from UToledo with:

  • Skills that will land you a career, not just a job
  • Enriching personal and professional experiences
  • Memories and friendships that last a lifetime

"I received more than my money’s worth at UToledo — a lot of things that money can’t buy. My degree was rigorous, and I learned how to do many things at once. I was president of the International Students Association, a teaching assistant and swim instructor. That’s helped me in my work as an optometry assistant. I’ve progressed quickly through training, and they want to cross-train me. I work with a diverse population and with colleagues from around the world. I have no trouble connecting to anyone because of what I experienced at UToledo.

The seeds of diversity and inclusion were planted in me at UToledo. And it meant the world to me to be ‘adopted’ by an American family through a university program."

Navindi Weerasinghe
Class of 2018, biology with a concentration in neuroscience and minor in psychology | Colombo, Sri Lanka

Navindi plans to become an optometrist and perhaps pursue an M.B.A.

We are affordable.


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