Academic/Bar Support

Toledo Law provides several resources to cultivate your success in the classroom and on the bar exam. The Academic Success program prepares you as a first-year student for the demands of law school. The Bar Passage program is designed to prepare you for the bar exam.

Academic Success Program


During your first semester, you will attend seminars focused on reading and understanding cases, case briefing, outlining, and preparing for exams to increase your skills and confidence.

Teaching Assistants

Each of your first-year courses will have an upper-level law student as a teaching assistant.

Academic Advising

You will be matched with a faculty advisor who assists with course planning and academic goal setting throughout your law school experience.

Advanced Legal Analysis Course

If your first-semester GPA is lower than 2.3, you will be required to take a second semester course with additional training in study skills, legal reasoning, and test-taking.

Bar Passage Program

Bar Exam Preparation Course

As a third-year student, you may enroll in a for-credit bar preparation course with substantive topic outlines, practice questions, and simulated bar essays.

BARBRI Bar Review

You will have access to the complete BARBRI Bar Review course starting your first semester. The course is available for all 50 states.

Subject-Area Review Lectures

Our professors will offer you access to short, focused lectures to review and solidify your knowledge in the weeks leading to the bar exam.

Post-Graduation Mentoring

You will be assigned a faculty mentor who can provide personalized support during your bar exam study.

Last Updated: 6/27/22