Program in Bioinformatics & Proteomics/Genomics

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We are proud of our alumni from the MSBS Program and the Certificate in Bioinformatics and Biomarkers Program!

The Choose Ohio First Program in Bioinformatics & Proteomics/Genomics (BPG) at the University of Toledo Health Science Campus is designed to provide students and researchers with the advanced analytical tools and approaches needed for state-of-the-art biomedical research. The BPG Program is associated with independent, but cooperating programs on the University of Toledo Main Campus and at Bowling Green State University (BioInfOhio consortium).


1. EDUCATION:  BPG offers an MSBS degree based on coursework and a thesis. In addition, others (including MD or PhD students in other UT graduate programs) can qualify for a Certificate in Bioinformatics and Biomarkers by taking the four BPG core courses.  To save money and time, consider the (PDF format) Dual-Degree "Pipeline" program - BS in Biological Sciences/MS in Bioinformatics - in ~ 5.5 yrs.  Residents of the State of Ohio are eligible to receive a tuition-only scholarship when applying to the pipeline program. Please see additional details below. 


A PSM degree in Biomarkers and Diagnostics is now available.  Click here for PSM degree description in  HTML format. OR pdf fully-formatted version.  This degree provides students with science and math knowledge, as well as fundamentals in business, team building and communication skills. Three of the BPG core courses are part of the curriculum of the PSM degree.   Click here to visit the UT PSM website.

50% Tuition Waiver for Employees:  Dependents and spouses of full-time faculty and staff will be eligible for a 50% tuition waiver on most Graduate courses, beginning in the 2013 fall semester.  BPG courses are included in this benefit.  For further details, please click on the link below.


Biology/Bioinformatics Dual-Degree Program: Supported by CHOOSE OHIO FIRST SCHOLARSHIP
The Bioinformatics & Proteomics/Genomics Program along with the Department of Biological Sciences is now offering a Dual-Degree BS/MS in Biological Sciences and Bioinformatics. This "Pipeline" program is available to students at the end of their second year at the University of Toledo. For description of the "pipeline" program and curriculum information, click here for,  (HTML version)  OR  (pdf fully-formatted version).

IN 5.5 YEARS, you can receive a Bachelors degree in Biological Sciences AND a Masters degree in Bioinformatics.  Please click on the link below to view a video explaining this exciting opportunity.  For additional information on required courses, please click on "Pipeline Program description..." , 3rd item in left column.  

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**If you are an Ohio resident, you may be eligible for a Choose Ohio First Scholarship towards tuition cost (see link below)**

YouTube VIDEO Presentation  (6 min. video)

Click here for Choose Ohio First criteria and application instructions


The Bioinformatics & Proteomics/Genomics Program along with the Department of Natural Sciences at the University of Findlay is now offering a dual-degree in Biology and Bioinformatics BS/MS, in as little as five years, starting in the Fall 2014.  The GRE score is NOT required for this Program.  The curriculum and additional information will be added to this site in early June.  

Curriculum for UT/Findlay Pipeline can be found here

The link to the University of Findlay website is:

BPG currently has two core facilities.

  • The Bioinformatics Laboratory is a dual-purpose teaching and research facility based around a Linux cluster, and an advanced web server from Dell, for bioinformatic analyses. The cluster is linked to, and managed by, the Ohio Supercomputer Center in Columbus via Internet2.  BPG Databases (View database information at this link.)
  • The Genomics Core Laboratory is focused on microarray analysis, and includes a robotic arrayer and chip scanner (used for protein as well as nucleic acid microarrays), and an Affymetrix node.
  • Other UT core facilities can be seen here.

External Support:
The BPG Program could not have been developed without the generous support from external agencies and foundations. A list of this support can be found on the Grants and Awards page of this site.

Contact Information:

For additional information about becoming a BPG student, BPG research at UT, or use of the BPG core facilities, contact the BPG Secretary, Ms. JoAnne Gray, 419-383-6883, or the BPG Program Director, Dr. Robert M. Blumenthal, 419-383-5422.

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