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Feedback about SI

"I feel that going to Supplemental Instruction sessions has helped me very much. I am able to learn the material more easily and to do better on the quizzes and tests. leader facilitating a biology SI sessionI wish there was something like this for every subject I am taking."

Adam Schaffner
Quoted as a First Year student
Enrolled in Math 1750
Pharmacy Major




"I just got my exam back...and I'm very happy with my results. I got an 88%, which is very high for the class. I think the highest grade was a 92% and the class average was a 65%. I owe a lot of this to the SI study session, which pushed me to know the material for the class. Thanks again for setting up this opportunity for those of us who choose to take advantage of it."

First Year Student
Enrolled in Biology 2150

"It has been my pleasure to work with the LEC this semester. I learned a lot. The most important thing is that I enjoyed my teaching very much more than I ever did; SI gave me a whole new idea about teaching, and I love it!"

Yanchuan (Bill) Yang
Graduate Teaching Assistant
Mathematics Department
Participant in the Supplemental Instruction Program for TAs


biology students working together in SI session

Here is what First Year students said on their evaluations of the Supplemental Instruction program...


Q: How does participating in SI help you understand difficult concepts and material?

A: "In the SI sessions, we go into more detail and explain the material in different ways, which helps me understand better." --Biology 2150 student
A: "You can ask questions and it goes at a slower pace." --Biology 2150 student
A: "We visualize concepts instead of taking notes and listening at the same time." --Farah Shabek, Biology 2150

Biology study groupA: "It's easier because those who understand can help explain the concepts; I am no longer confused." --Jared Claar, Biology 2150

A: "Hearing the material again and having someone else explain it helps." --Tara Then, Biology 2150

A: "You hear different perspectives on the material." --Biology 2150 student
A: "It helped me to understand my notes better; plus I got additional information from the SI sessions." --Biology 2150 student
A: "Peers can help explain the things I don't understand." --Biology 2150 student

A: "It is helpful because we go step by step." --Elisa Chwialkowski, Math 1850

A: "I get to hear the material for a second time and maybe in a different way." --Jenna Royse, Chemistry 1240

Chemistry student in SI session solving a problem at blackboard
A: "I can ask questions in a more comfortable environment to people more at my level than a professor." --Laura Serpetti, Biology 2150
A: "In SI sessions, the concepts are explained in further detail and we go over key concepts more than once." --Biology 2150 student
A: "Going over material in group sessions helps to better explain items I don't understand." --Josh Brooks, Biology 2150


Q: What would you say to future students about SI?

two biology students working together in an SI sessionA: "It's very helpful because you get to study in different ways and it exposes you to more information. It lets you know what you do and do not know and where you need to work more." --Biology 2150 student
A: "It is a good idea to go to the sessions. They don't take long and you can get help with whatever you need." --Jenna Royse, Chemistry 1240
A: "Go, because in honesty I've seen improvements in my test scores." --Jared Claar, Biology 2150

two biology students studying in an SI sessionA: "It makes studying for the test easier." --Biology 2150 student

A: "Attend them and give it a try! If you attend them, you should be able to bring your grade up." --Biology 2150 student

A: "It definitely helps." --Elisa Chwialkowski, Math 1850

A: "Take Advantage of it!" --Ashraf Putris, Biology 2150
A: "Attend them at least once a week." --Latonya Morgan, Biology 2150


Biology students giving presentation in an SI sessionA: "Try it. It's definitely worth your time and it's free." --Biology 2150 student

A: "Start at the very beginning." --Biology 2150 student

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