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Projected Financial Impacts of a Sylvania - Sylvania Township Merger

This study examines the financial implications of a possible merger between Sylvania City and Sylvania Township. Its purpose is to provide objective information which leaders and residents of these communities can use as the basis of determining whether, and if so how, to proceed with a proposed merger between the two existing jurisdictions.

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Estimating the Financial Impact of a Merger

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The Urban Affairs Center is making tables available to residents of Sylvania City and Sylvania Township, so they can estimate the financial effect that a merger between the two jurisdictions might have on their income and property taxes. The tables calculate only current city and township taxes, and do not include county-wide taxes or school taxes.

The resulting calculations are based on the assumptions contained in the analysis of financial impacts, specifically the following:

  • Increased revenues available to a merged community, primarily from a standard 1.5% local income tax, could offset a reduction of property taxes, including the elimination of the current levies for fire in both jurisdictions and for police in the township.
  • Reciprocity will continue, so that residents employed in another taxing municipality will not pay additional income taxes.

These tables are provided for information purposes only, and are not intended to imply what might be proposed by a merger commission in the event of a merger study. They only provide one scenario of what might be possible.

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