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Navigating Uncertainty

How the Ripple Effects of the COVID-19 Pandemic Impact Our World

As the COVID-19 pandemic spread across the globe infecting millions of people, our healthcare infrastructure wasn't the only system challenged. When the novel and highly contagious virus disrupted all aspects of our lives, UToledo experts explained what happened and how we move forward.

A father watching his son engage in remote learning on a laptop

America's panic buying exacerbated issues with distribution of key supplies as Paul Hong, Ph.D., Distinguished University Professor of global supply chain management, explained in an interview with Real Simple.

Headshot of Paul Hong, Ph.D.

Joseph Slater, J.D., Distinguished University Professor and Eugene N. Balk Professor of Law and Values, clarified in a Workest article when an employer could be liable if an employee contracts COVID.

Headshot of Joseph E. Slater, Ph.D.

With increased online shopping, Weiqing Sun, Ph.D., associate professor of computer science engineering technology, suggests in an article in Reviewed that consumers need to be more vigilant about the websites they buy from and whenever using public wi-fi.

Headshot of Weiqing Sun, Ph.D.

Kate Delaney, Ph.D., assistant professor of early childhood and special education, sympathized with Toledoans trying to succeed at remote learning in a report in The Blade.

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The pandemic has created additional opportunities for white-collar crime, as Distinguished University Professor of Law Eric Chaffee, J.D., explained to NPR noting the pharmaceutical industry is historically susceptible to insider trading.

Headshot of Eric Chaffee, J.D.

Coronavirus has even affected us while we sleep. Psychology professor Stephen Christman, Ph.D., explained to INSIDER how the constant news coverage of the virus infiltrates our dreams.

Photo of Stephen Christman, Ph.D.

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