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Public Relations


Applied Communication Classes: 8 hrs minimum
COMM 2100 News Writing 4

Theory and practice of news writing as journalistic discourse. Emphasis on news style and values, story structure, types of stories. Ethics, taste and rudiments of law integrated throughout. Prerequisite: 30 hours, Type 20 wpm, pass grammar/spelling/punctuation test, 2.5 GPA


COMM 2150 Editing and Graphics 4

Introduction to Writing, Editing, Design approach in editing newspapers, newsletters, electronic and similar publications. Fundamentals of desktop publishing, copy editing, headline writing, typography, layout, design, use of photos, illustrations. Prerequisite: COMM 2100


COMM 2630 Visual Communication 4

Instruction and laboratory experience in applying the principles of visual communication to human communication contexts including public relations releases, newsletters, direct mail, and electronic media.


COMM 2810 Oral Interpretation of Literature 3

Designed to help students read aloud with spontaneity, clarity and feeling by studying the mechanics of oral reading in relation to interpretive treatment of various genre of literature.


COMM 3290 Media Management 3

The study of electronic media systems from an operations perspective. Course includes: programming, marketing, production and ethical considerations. Prerequisite: COMM 2000


COMM 3610 Speech and Publicity Writing for Public Relations 3

Study and practice in developing speeches for others. Theory and practice of composing publicity materials using public relations standards.


COMM 4620 Public Relations Practices 3

An examination of activities, roles and functions of public relations. Research, theory, and techniques: strategic planning and management of public relations programs. Law, ethics, and professionalism are covered. Prerequisite: COMM 4610


Conceptual Communication Classes: 8 hrs minimum
COMM 3820 Persuasion Theory 4

Examination of the theory and practices used in persuasive communication in public presentations, advertising, sales, and political campaigns.


COMM 3840 Interpersonal Communication 4

Review and application of interpersonal communication theory and research in a variety of one-to-one social contexts.


COMM 3850 Research Methods in Human Communication 3

Introduction to qualitative and quantitative methods in human communication research. Focus on evaluating and interpreting research reports in public relations and other professional settings.


COMM 3860 Culture and Communication 4

A study of the relationships between and among culture, behavior, language, and perception. Specific attention directed to selecting, using and reacting to language.


COMM 4090 Mass Communication Ethics 4

Examination of ethical problems that face the media of mass communication, and application of classical ethical theories to those problems. Prerequisite: Comm 2000


COMM 4210 Electronic Media Research 3

An examination of research done for the electronic media. Included: radio and television ratings, music research and the role of consultants. Prerequisite: COMM 2000


COMM 4610 Public Relations Principles 3

Design of public relations programs for organizations with which students have professional interests or affiliations. Advanced case study in-depth of one detailed project based on local research and consultation. Prerequisite: COMM 2000, 2100


Professional Experience Classes
COMM 4930 Field Study 1-3

Extended field study of community organization appropriate to student's "Interest Area." Culminates in formal report to include solution to organizational communication problem. Includes presentation of portfolio. (Alternative to Internship) Prerequisite: Consent of department chair.


COMM 4940 Communication Internship 1-3

Professional training in communication relating to newspaper work, public relations, broadcasting etc. Arrangements with the appropriate communication organization must be made in consultation with the internship director prior to enrollment. Prerequisite: Consent of department chair.




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