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2004 YWCA Milestones Awards:
A Tribute to Women
stories by Lynne Saunders
(courtesy of Toledo City Paper)

Dr. Patricia Murphy and Shelley Papenfuse honored at 2004 YWCA Milestones

Looking back at the past 100 years in the lives of women, the strides they have made overcoming repression are remarkable. Acknowledging the struggle they faced to become fully participating members of society, the U.S. Congress proclaims each March to be Women’s History Month. March was selected to include the first date women’s contributions were officially recognized, International Women’s Day, first celebrated March 8, 1911. Schoolchildren across the nation will be doing book reports on women who sought inclusion and equality, from Susan B. Anthony to Sally Ride. As important as it is to recognize the accomplishments women have made in the past, the YWCA of Greater Toledo believes it is equally important to honor the women in our community making a positive impact on Toledo today.




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