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Upper Level Spring 2019 Courses

 Do you know how to analyze data? Your future employer wishes you did. Take this course:
ECON 2810: Intro. to Econometrics, 3 hrs., MW 11:10-12:30 PM
Prerequisites: (ECON 1150 or 1200) and (BUAD 2060 or Math 2600). Prof. Kevin Egan

Enjoyed your principles of macroeconomics course? Take it to the next level:
ECON 3150: Intermediate Macroeconomics, 3 hrs., MW 12:55-2:15 PM
Prerequisites: ECON 1150. Prof. Dave Black

Climate change, algal blooms in Lake Erie causing tap water advisories--what are the efficient solutions? Take this course:
ECON 3240: Environmental Economics, 3 hrs., TR 11:15-12:30 PM
Prerequisites: none. Prof. Onur Sapci

Are you wondering how employers determine your wages? So much more when you understand labor markets:
ECON 4250: Labor Economics, 3 hrs., TR 9:35-10:55 PM
Prerequisites: ECON 1200. Prof. Kristen Keith

ECON 4260: Behavioral Economics, 3 hrs., MW 9:35-10:55 PM
Prerequisites: ECON 1200. Prof. James Bland

How economic concepts and theories can be used to think about and illustrate various health care issues:
ECON 4750: Health Economics, 3 hrs., TR 2:30-3:50 PM                      
Prerequisites: ECON 1200. Prof. Aliaksandr Amialchuk

1)    ECON 1150: Prin. of Macroeconomics and,
2)    ECON 1200: Prin. of Microeconomics (business students: only 4 more courses!)
3)    ECON 3150: Intermediate Macroecon. OR ECON 3200: Intermediate Microecon.
4)    ANY three ECON electives—such as the courses above

ECONOMICS MAJOR: Only Four More Courses beyond Minor
Contact Undergrad. Advisor: Prof. Kevin Egan:

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