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Composition I - Course Description

ENGL 1120: College Composition I Laboratory for Students of English as a Second Language

The corequisite of ENGL 1120 is an ESL section of 1110. Graded PS/NC. Writing laboratory using students' writings from ENGL 1110 as well as other supplementary materials. May be required based on placement exam or ENGL 1020 final exam score. (Note: A student required to take this course who does not receive a PS cannot receive a passing grade in an Engl 1110 taken concurrently.) Eligibility by placement exam only. A maximum of 3 semester hours in ENGL 1020 and 1120 may be counted toward fulfilling the 124 hour requirement for graduation. Corequisite: ENGL 1110

Last Updated: 8/8/17