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Michael Piotrowski


Michael Piotrowski has been a resident of the Toledo area since 1971. He studied at Siena Heights College, Adrian, Michigan, where he had a double major in Fine Art (painting) and English. He obtained a Master's degree at The University of Toledo, studying literature and focusing on 20th century British and American writers, such as D.H. Lawrence, T.S. Eliot, and Ezra Pound. He has completed all but the dissertation for a doctoral degree. He also enjoys the writing of contemporary novelists such as Anne Tyler, Julian Barnes, Victor Pelevin and Jay McInerney.

Hehas taught composition courses and professional and technical report writing courses at the university since 1979. He is currently a full-time, non-tenure faculty member. He believes that computer instruction is important in the composition and technical writing disciplines. He has also worked in retail and production industries ( including an art gallery, a bookstore, and a picture frame factory). This outside experience has helped him observe the context for writing outside of the academic environment.

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