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Graduate Programs

Certificate in the Teaching of Writing

The Certificate in the Teaching of Writing can be earned as part of the Master's Degree in Literature.   The Certificate can also be earned separately from the degree. This certificate:

  • Offers continuing education for regional high school teachers of English and composition.
  • Offers specialized education in composition to those earning masters degrees who wish to pursue work as teachers of writing at regional community colleges and area universities.
  • Provides graduate students with the opportunity to earn job credentials in composition as well as in literature.   


Those applying for both the MA in English and the Certificate in the Teaching of Writing program should submit an application form for each to the Graduate School office, along with their other application materials.  

Those applying to work on the Certificate alone must hold an undergraduate degree in English and submit an application form, a letter of interest, all college and graduate school transcripts, and two letters of recommendation. 

Course Requirements

ENGL 5780, ENGL 5750, OR LING 5190 Contemporary Theory, Hist. of Criticism, or Sociolinguistics 3

ENGL 5090


Current Writing Theory





ENGL 6010


Instruction in Composition





ENGL 6180


Methods, Course Design, & Assessment




ENGL 6890 Capstone   3

Those students working on Master's Degrees must also fulfill all requirements of that degree. 

No transfer of credits from other institutions will be allowed, although those students who complete English 4090 while undergraduates at The University of Toledo will not be required to take English 5090 if they received a grade of B or higher.  

Gainful Employment Report for the Certificate in the Teaching of Writing

Dr. Anthony Edgington
Director of Composition

Last Updated: 10/16/17