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English Minor

Beginning in 2014, the English Department is offering a new Minor in English, designed to be flexible enough to include Literature, Creative Writing, and Linguistics courses appropriate to students' interests. It emphasizes depth rather than breadth, requiring a significant amount of advanced work, without the same coverage requirements as the English Major.


The minor requires eighteen credits of coursework in six courses, covering the following four categories:

  • Introduction to critical reading
    One course drawn from ENGL 3600 (American Lit. Traditions), 3610 (British Lit. Traditions), 3670 (Postcolonial, Diasporic, and Non-white Literature), 3770 (World Literature) or 3810 (Shakespeare).
  • Writing (creative, persuasive, or critical)
    One course drawn from 3010 (Creative Writing), 3050 (Persuasive Writing), 3020 (Reading for Writers), or 3790 (Foundations of Literary Study).
  • At least three English courses at the 4000-level
    At least one must be a literature course (numbered between 4200 and 4890).
  • English elective at the 3000- or 4000-level
Last Updated: 9/21/17