Department of Foreign Languages


A Five Year Program In Foreign Languages And International Business
College of Arts and Sciences/College of Business Administration
Department of Foreign Languages/Department of International Business, Entrepreneurship, and Strategy

The Department of Foreign Languages and the Department of International Business, Entrepreneurship, and Strategy offer a program for undergraduates majoring in a foreign language who wish to pursue graduate work in business and prepare for a long-term career in international business. The program requires a minimum of five years of study.

Students completing this program earn a BA in a foreign language and complete a minor in business; the program of study culminates in an MBA with a concentration in International Business.

Interested students should have a strong high school background in mathematics and the foreign language in which they wish to major. It is expected that students will study abroad at least once during the program. Careful long-range planning in consultation with advisers from both colleges will contribute to timely completion of degree requirements.

The program involves completion of a special track in French, German, or Spanish for students interested in business. The track differs from the traditional BA in that: A) it requires fewer literature courses, B) it requires more culture courses, and C) it includes a required applied course work (professional preparation) component.

Students in the BA/MBA Program complete the approved minor in business (maximum of 36 hours). All 18 hours listed as prerequisites for the business minor apply toward the 124 credit hours for the BA degree. The required foundation course and the additional requirements for the minor in business (18 hours) are recognized in lieu of related courses for the BA. Students pursuing the MBA portion will need to take one additional business course as identified in this plan, either as an undergraduate or as a graduate student, to satisfy MBA prerequisites.

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