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Todd Michney (on leave 2016-2017)






Todd Michney, Assistant Professor, specializes in U.S. history, focusing on urban history, African American history, race, ethnicity, and labor.  He received his doctorate from the University of Minnesota in 2004, under the direction of the late Rudolph J. Vecoli.

His current research is on African American middle-class identity in the twentieth century, and especially notions of prestige as related to housing and locale.  Michney's book, Surrogate Suburbs: Black Upward Mobility and Neighborhood Change in Cleveland, 1900-1980, will be released in March 2017 with University of North Carolina Press. The book is an expansion of his dissertation into a citywide study of that city’s black middling classes.  He has a developing interest in Geographic Information Systems (GIS), as an emergent historical methodology with the potential to represent statistical data and settlement patterns in strikingly new and innovative ways.

While his teaching centers, in the broadest sense, around identity and in particular issues relating to race and inequality in the twentieth century city, Michney has offered courses on topics ranging from the U.S. welfare state, to “whiteness” as a racial identity, to environmental history, and most recently at Toledo, African civilizations.

Contact Information:

Office:  University Hall 5210G
Phone:  419-530-4719
Email:  todd.michney@utoledo.edu

Selected Publications:

"White Civic Visions Versus Black Suburban Aspirations: Cleveland's Garden Valley Urban Renewal Project," Journal of Planning History 10 (November 2011): 282-309.

“Constrained Communities: Black Cleveland’s Experience with World War II Public Housing,” Journal of Social History 40 (Summer 2007): 933-956.

“Root of It All.”  Review of Matthew Frye Jacobson, Roots Too: White Ethnic Revival in Post-Civil Rights America (Cambridge, MA, 2006).  Reviews in American History 35 (June 2007): 307-314.

“Race, Violence, and Urban Territoriality: Cleveland’s Little Italy and the 1966 Hough Uprising,” Journal of Urban History 32 (March 2006):  404-428.

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