Philosophy and Religious Studies at the University of Toledo

Faculty & Staff


Ammon Allred
UH 4517
419.530.6189 (fax)

Assistant Professor
Ph.D. Villanova University
Phenomenology, 19th and 20th Century Continental Philosophy, Aesthetics

Ovamir Anjum
UH 4630C
419.530.6189 (fax)

                                                                                                                                             Imam Khattab Endowed Chair of Islamic Studies
Ph.D. University of Wisconsin, Madison
Middle-Eastern History, Islamic History, Pre-Modern Islamic Intellectual History


Nina Atanasova
419.530.6139                                419.530.6189 (fax) 

Associate Lecturer
Ph.D. University of Cincinnati
Philosophy of Neuroscience, Philosophy of Science and Psychology, Neuroethics

Charles V. Blatz

Professor Emeritus
Ph.D. University of Michigan
Ethical Theory and Practice, Environmental Ethics, Ethics & International Development, Social and Political Philosophy, Critical Thinking, Humanities and Education.
Faculty Bio
Jeanine Diller
UH 4700B
419.530.6189 (fax)

RELIGIOUS STUDIES ADVISOR                                                                             Assistant Professor of Philosophy and Religion
Ph.D. University of Michigan
Philosophy of Religion, Ethics, 18th Century Philosophy

James Campbell
UH 4630A
419.530.6189 (fax)
Distinguished University Professor
Ph.D. SUNY - Stony Brook
Ethics, Aesthetics, Social and Political Philosophy, American Philosophy.
Faculty Bio
Peter Feldmeier
UH 4630B
419.530.6189 (fax)
Thomas and Margaret Murray & James J. Bacik Professor of Catholic Studies
Ph.D. Graduate Theological Union
Comparative Theology
Benjamin Grazzini
UH 4740B

GRADUATE ADVISOR                                                                                                                    Lecturer
Ph.D. The New School for Social Research
Ancient Philosophy


Yonatan Miller              UH4700D                                       419.530.6138       

Philip J. Markowicz Visiting Assistant Professor of Jewish Studies
Director, Center for Religious Understanding
Ph.D. Harvard University
Biblical Studies, Ancient Judaism, and Jewish Literature
Madeline M. Muntersbjorn
UH 4720A
419.530.6189 (fax)   
Associate Professor
Ph.D. University of Pittsburgh
Philosophy of Mathematics, Philosophy of Natural Science, Symbolic Logic, Culture and Scientific Change.
Faculty Bio
John Sarnecki
UH 4680
419.530.6189 (fax)
Chair, Department of Philosophy & Religious Studies
Associate Professor
Ph.D. Rutgers University
Philosophy of Mind, Philosophy of Language, Theories of Concept Acquisition

Teri Garcia
UH 4600
419.530.6189 (fax)

Secretary to the Chair, Department of Philosophy & Religious Studies 

Administrative Assistant, Center for Religious Understanding


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