Political Science and Public Administration

Study Abroad

The University of Toledo is a member of the University Study Abroad Consortium, or USAC.  USAC offers outstanding study abroad opportunities in more than 20 countries.  A study abroad experience can immeasurably enrich your academic program, and enable you to immerse yourself in another country and its culture.  In the last few years, several of our majors have studied at the University of Reading, located just outside of London.  Others have attended universities in France, Spain, Mexico and the Czech Republic, and we have established contacts at universities with very promising programs in Scotland and Ireland.  Without exception, students have described their study abroad experiences as very worthwhile, and even as life-changing.  We thus strongly encourage you to consider incorporating a semester (or more) abroad into your academic career.  Some of the universities in the Consortium also offer summer programs.  For information and assistance, contact Cheryl Thomas or Ron Pirog in the Study Abroad Office at 419.530.8550 or pick up a USAC booklet from your adviser.

Last Updated: 1/31/19