SENRA Past Section Chairs 

Section chairs serve from one ASPA national meeting to the next. The following list shows the year in which the term of office began. Their affiliation dates from their term in office and may not be current.

2005: David H. Davis, University of Toledo
2004: Alka Sapat, Florida Atlantic University
2003: Christine Reed, University of Nebraska at Omaha 
2002: Edward Weber, Washington State University
2001: John Bretting, University of Texas, San Antonio
2000: Robert Durant, University of Baltimore
1999: Steven A. Cohen, Columbia University
1999: Lisa Nelson, Bowling Green State University
1997: Mary Grisco, Anchorage, Alaska
1996: Larry Luton, Eastern Washington University, Spokane Washington
1995: Douglas M. Brown, Logistics Management Institute, McLean Virginia
1994: Daniel Fiorino, US EPA, Washington DC
1993: Rosemary O'Leary, Syracuse University
1994: John Freemuth, Boise State University 
1993: Richard Miller, US Department of the Interior, Washington DC
1992: Dennis Soden
1991: Michael Hamilton, University of Southern Maine
1990: Regina Axelrod, Adelphi University, Long Island NY
1989: Priscilla Hanford, California
1988: Louis Wechsler, Arizona
1987: Katherine Jesch, US Forest Service, Washington DC
1986: Laura Lake
1985: Verne Bathhurst
1984: Miriam Ershkowitz
1983: James Brewer
1982: Elaine Hussey
1981: John Sandor, US Forest Service, Juneau, Alaska

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Last Updated: 8/8/17