Political Science and Public Administration

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Dr. David H. Davis


Prof. Davis is the author of five books. His most recent compares environmental policies in 16 countries.  


  • PhD from Johns Hopkins University
  • AB from Cornell University.

Author of

  • Comparing Environmental Policies in 16 Countries, CRC Press, 2013
  • Ignoring the Apocalypse, Praeger, 2007
  • American Environmental Politics, Nelson Hall Co., 1998
  • Energy Politics, St. Martin's Press, 4th ed., 1992
  • How the Bureaucracy Makes Foreign Policy, DC Heath, 1972
  • Edited volumes 24-26 of the Social Science Journal from 1986-1989

Academic Positions

  • Teaches political science and public administration at the University of Toledo with a special interest in environmental policy. Formerly taught at the University of Wyoming, Cornell University and Rutgers University. He was a Fulbright professor at Nanjing University.


  • Worked for US Environmental Protection Agency, GAO, and the Library of Congress. During the Carter Administration, held political appointment in the Department of the Interior. Business consultant with International Energy Associates, Ltd.

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