Proseminar in Public Administration
PSC 6410, Fall 2005

Proseminar is the basic course for students entering the MPA program. Its objectives are introduce the basic literature in the original form, and to teach how to write an analytical paper and to give an oral scholarly presentation. The textbook is Classics of Public Administration edited by Shafritz, Hyde and Parkes. Other reading will be available on electronic reserve from Carlson Library. Students are expected to have taken an introductory course in basic principles as undergraduates. Use that web page for basic information and examples of government agencies. The course on inter-governmental relations has information on federalism.      

Professional organizations: The most important one is the American Society for Public Administration. The National Association of Schools of Public Affairs and Administration (NASPAA) accredits MPA programs, including UT. The International City County Managers Association and the National Association of Counties are two other important ones. Virtually every subfield has its own association such as the Government Finance Officers Association, the National Association of State Personnel Executives, and a housing officials organization.

Links: Libertarian Party 

Reading: Federalist 10 by James Madison, the principle of utility by Jeremy Bentham, and the military industrial complex speech by Dwight D. Eisenhower.

Writing: The Writing Center and citation style.

Reading: Hints on reading an article: When was it written? Who was the author?  (You probably won't know the names at first.) What affiliation? Often a university or research center. What nationality? Where was it published? A journal? Part of a book? Who is the intended audience? What do they say? Whom do they discuss and quote? How is the argument organized? Where does it fit regarding discipline? (e.g. political science, law, sociology, etc.)

Link Department of Political Science and the  MPA  program. Carlson Library, UTmost, the College of Arts and Sciences, Career Services, and the University. Professor Davis  or e-mail 

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