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Dr. Jami Taylor


Jami Taylor teaches a wide variety of courses in the areas of public policy, public administration and American politics. Prior to joining the University of Toledo, she served as a visiting assistant professor at Ohio University and as an adjunct for North Carolina State University. In addition, Jami has extensive real property valuation experience having served as a real estate appraiser for the City of Suffolk (VA).  She has also been a revenue officer for the Internal Revenue Service and a library assistant for the City of Chesapeake (VA).

Jami’s research has appeared in Administration & Society, American Review of Politics, American Review of Public Administration, Armed Forces & Society, Current Studies in Librarianship, Political Psychology, Politics & Policy, Politics, Groups and Identities(2), Political Research Quarterly, PS: Political Science and Politics, Public Opinion Quarterly, Public Personnel Management, Research & Politics, State Politics & Policy Quarterly(2)and in several edited volumes. Additionally, Jami and Donald Haider-Markel (University of Kansas) co-edited Transgender Rights and Politics: Groups, Issue Framing, and Policy Adoption (2014, University of Michigan Press). With Daniel Lewis (Siena College), they are also the authors of The Remarkable Rise of Transgender Rights (2018, University of Michigan Press). Much of Jami's work addresses public service motivation, and the empirical study of LGBT rights related policy-making.


  • PhD in Public Administration, North Carolina State University
  • Master of Library and Information Science, University of North Carolina-Greensboro
  • Master of Public Administration, Old Dominion University
  • Bachelor of Arts in Economics, Old Dominion University

Research Interests

  • Interest groups and policymaking
  • LGBT politics and policy
  • Public service motivation
  • Policy diffusion

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  • PSC 1200: American National Government
  • PSC 2300: Principles of State and Local Government
  • PSC 3250: Public Opinion
  • PSC 3410: Principles of Public Policy
  • PSC 3850: Sports, Politics and Society
  • PSC 4220/5220: Advocacy Groups in American Politics
  • PSC 4300/5300 Principles of Public Administration
  • PSC 4470/5470: Public Organization Theory
  • PSC 4590/5590: Law, Politics and the Policy of Sexuality
  • PSC 6110: Scope and Methods of Political Science
  • PSC 6430: Public Policy Theory and Analysis
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