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University of Toledo Psychology Clinic

Phone:  (419) 530-2721
University Hall (Room 1600)
2801 West Bancroft St.
Toledo, OH 43606-3390

Program Description

The University of Toledo Psychology Clinic (UTPC) provides a range of outpatient mental health services to the greater University of Toledo and Toledo communities, including psychotherapy, assessment, testing, and consultation. The UTPC offers evidence-based treatments delivered by Clinical Psychology doctoral students under the close supervision of expert faculty who are licensed clinical psychologists. Clients are assured the highest degree of confidentiality and professionalism.

The UTPC provides short-term and longer term scientifically-based treatments for issues such as grief, adjustment difficulties, anxiety, trauma, depression, self-injury, relationship problems, and stress secondary to medical diagnoses/illness. Our faculty and students are trained in cognitive behavioral and acceptance-based behavioral therapies, interpersonal psychotherapy, mindfulness-based psychotherapies, and psychodynamic therapy.

The UTPC utilizes a sliding fee scale. Psychotherapy clients will typically complete brief questionnaires at the beginning of and throughout treatment, which helps inform and guide treatment. Clients can expect a collaborative, warm, and empathic environment as they work with their therapist to improve their quality of life.


If we are unable to provide the needed services, referrals can be provided. We do not provide emergency/walk-in services or same-day appointments.

Supervising Clinical Faculty (specialty areas)

  • Wesley A. Bullock, Ph.D. (Couple & Family Therapy; Wellness Management & Recovery) 
  • Jon Elhai, Ph.D. (Cognitive-Behavioral Therapy; Post-Trauma Therapy) 
  • Sarah Francis, Ph.D. (Cognitive-Behavioral Therapy; Child and Adolescent Internalizing Disorders)
  • Kim L. Gratz, Ph.D. (Dialectical Behavior Therapy; Acceptance-based Behavioral Therapies; Borderline Personality and Self-Injury)
  • Jason C. Levine, Ph.D. (Behavior Therapy; Cognitive-Behavioral Therapy; Behavioral Medicine) 
  • Gregory J. Meyer, Ph.D. (Psychodynamic Therapy; Cognitive and Personality Assessment) 
  • Peter Mezo, Ph.D. (Behavioral and Cognitive Therapies; Adaptive Regulation, Coping, and Mindfulness Approaches)
  • Joni L. Mihura, Ph.D. (Psychodynamic Therapy; Personality Assessment)
  • Matthew T. Tull, Ph.D. (Acceptance-based Behavior Therapies, Anxiety Disorders, Posttraumatic Stress Disorder, Substance Use Disorders) 


For more information or to make an appointment, call 419-530-2721 during Clinic operating hours.  For more information on Fees, Hours, or Staff, click on the links either below or to the side.

Clinic Fees
Clinic Hours and Staff

Dr. Jason Levine, Clinic Director
Phone:  (419) 530-2721

Kaitlyn Calvin, Academic and Client Services Coordinator
Phone: (419) 530-2721

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