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Research/Training Interests

Wesley A. Bullock
Associate Professor
Area: Clinical
Office: UH 1420
Phone: 419-530-2719

Recovery processes; Serious and persistent mental illness; Program evaluation


Mike Caruso
Associate Professor
Area: General
Office: UH 5020B
Phone: 419-530-2896


Teaching and technology; Memory; Aging

Stephen Christman
Area: Experimental - Cognitive
Office: UH 5018C
Phone: 419-530-4684

Autobiographical memory; Body image; Decision making; Attitudes and persuasion; Risk perception; Cognitive flexibility and metacognition


Jon Elhai
Area: Clinical
Office: UH 1370
Phone: 419-530-2829
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Lab Website

-Assessment, mechanisms and treatment of posttraumatic stress disorder

-The impact of computer technology on human behavior, and cyberpsychology


Sarah Francis
Associate Professor & Director of Clinical Training
Area: Clinical
Office: UH 1430
Phone: 419-530-2771


Child anxiety; Parental influences on child anxiety; Child anxiety sensitivity; Prevention of childhood anxiety

Andrew Geers
Area: Experimental - Social
Office: UH 6524
Phone: 419-530-8530

Goals and expectations; Formation of affect and emotion; Placebo effects; Initiation and maintenance of health beliefs and behavior; Decision making


Kim L. Gratz
Professor & Department Chair
Area: Clinical
Office: UH 5020A
Phone: 419-530-2722
Lab Website

Emotion regulation in borderline personality disorder, self-injury, and other risky behaviors; Examining the efficacy and underlying mechanisms of an acceptance-based, emotion regulation group therapy for self-injury; Translational research; Treatment development and dissemination

Henry Heffner
Area: Experimental - Psychobiology & Learning
Office: UH 5002
Phone: 419-530-2257


Role of auditory cortex; Comparative mammalian hearing; Tinnitus; Ethics of animal research

Rickye Heffner
Area: Experimental - Psychobiology & Learning
Office: UH 5008
Phone: 419-530-2710

Comparative hearing; Evolution of hearing in mammals; Evolution of sound localization and its relation to vision and the auditory brainstem


J.D. Jasper
Area: Experimental - Cognitive
Office: UH 5014A
Phone: 419-530-4130

Judgment and decision making; Computerized process tracing techniques; Risk perception; Attitude and belief formation; Information integration; Individual differences; Health; Consumer behavior


Jason Levine
Assistant Professor & Clinic Director
Area: Clinical
Office: UH 5280A
Phone: 419-530-2761


Generalized anxiety disorder, Cardiovascular psychophysiology, Health psychology, Diabetes mellitus, Therapy process and outcome

Kamala London Newton
Professor & Associate Chair
Area: Experimental - Developmental
Office: UH 1880B
Phone: 419-530-2352

forensic developmental psychology; Autobiographical memory and suggestibility in children; Disclosure of child maltreatment; Statistics


Gregory Meyer
Area: Clinical
Office: UH 1065
Phone: 419-530-4312


Personality assessment; Test validation; Neuropsychological processes; Interpersonal perception; Clinical symptomatology; Meta-analysis

Peter Mezo
Assistant Professor
Area: Clinical
Office: UH 1880A
Phone: 419-530-4399


Self-management and related models of self-regulation and coping; Factors associated with stress and depression among adults; Principles of evidence-based supervision, assessment, and treatment

Joni Mihura
Area: Clinical
Office: UH 1067
Phone: 419-530-2716


Personality assessment; Rorschach validity and utility; Doctoral training

Jason Rose
Associate Professor
Area: Experimental - Social
Office: UH 6516
Phone: 419-530-2278


Social comparison and comparative judgment; Perceived vulnerability/risk; Norm perception and influence; Optimism; Culture and self; Individual differences in judgment and decision-making

Mojisola Tiamiyu
Associate Professor
Area: Clinical
Office: UH 1063
Phone: 419-530-2853

Community Psychology; Positive psychological changes (e.g., posttraumatic growth -PTG); Positive psychological interventions (PPIs; e.g. gratitude lists); Mentoring programs; Media/social media and well-being/psychopathology; Women and gender issues in Africa and the African Diaspora


Matthew T. Tull
Area: Clinical
Office: UH 5040C
Phone: 419-530-4302
Lab Website

Emotion regulation in the anxiety disorders and PTSD; PTSD and substance use disorders (primarily alcohol, cocaine, and opiates); PTSD and risk-taking behavior; Development of brief treatments for high-risk populations (e.g., medical populations, patients with substance use disorders); Experimental psychopathology
Last Updated: 3/31/18