Department of Psychology

Current Research Projects in the PERT Lab

Implicit Measurement of Motives for Non-suicidal Self-injury

The goal of this longitudinal study is to examine the role of emotion regulation, self-punishment, and interpersonal motives (assessed through the use of self-report and performance on three novel Implicit Association Tests) as a prospective predictor of non-suicidal self-injury among young adults. Funded by a 4-year grant from the Canadian Institutes of Health Research (PIs: Chapman and Gratz; Co-Investigator: Tull).

Emotion Regulation Difficulties among patients with opioid dependence

This study is being conducted in collaboration with CROSSWAEH, a community-based correctional facility providing substance use disorder treatment in Tiffin, Ohio. The goal of this study is to identify specific emotion regulation difficulties (e.g., low distress tolerance, emotional avoidance) among patients with opioid dependence, as well as explore associations between these emotion regulation difficulties and negative substance use disorder-related clinical outcomes (e.g., reasons for relapse, treatment completion, cravings). 

values and physical activity among cancer survivors

In collaboration with Drs. Andrew Geers and Debra Boardley, Dr. Tull is examining the connection between affect, values, and physical activity levels among cancer survivors at the UTMC Eleanor N. Dana Cancer Center. The ultimate goal of this study is to collect data that will inform the development of a brief values-based behavioral intervention that can facilitate adherence to recommended physical activity regimens among breast cancer survivors. 


Last Updated: 8/8/17