School of Visual and Performing Arts

New Media B.F.A. Requirements


The curriculum leading to the B.F. A. in the New Media concentration in studio fine art requires a minimum of 66 hours of courses in the major, which must include the following:

a. Basic Skills Area:
15 hours – Foundations will consist of the following core courses:
ART 1080 – Foundations Drawing I 3 Hours
ART 2080 – Foundations Drawing II 3 Hours
ART 2050 – Foundations 2D 3 Hours
ART 2060 – Foundations 3D 3 Hours
ART 3060 or ART 3070 – Mixed Media or Installation 3 Hours

All students are required to take Foundations 2D and Foundations 3D before they enter a major studio area. All students must take Foundations Drawing I before they enter a 3000 level studio art course.

15 hours – New Media Core
New Media Core:
ART 2150 – Digital Art I 3 Hours
ART 2810 – Art Photography 3 Hours
ART 3150 – Digital Photography 3 Hours
ART 3860 – Intermediate Photography 3 Hours
ART 4850 – Professional Practices 3 Hours

b. 21 hours of work in New Media chosen from the following courses:
ART -2160, ART -3160, ART -3170, ART -3870, ART -4310, ART -4320,
ART -4340, ART -4410, ART -4810, ART -4910 to ART-4990 (New Media Sections)

c. 15 hours of coursework in studio electives, to be selected in consultation with the adviser.9 of the 15 hours must be in areas outside of New Media.
As a condition of graduation with a B.F.A. degree in New Media, candidates must fulfill the following requirements:

• Complete a minimum of two semesters of study in New Media after the semester in which the candidate was
accepted into the B.F.A. program
• Present work in progress each semester for department B.F.A. review
Candidates whose work is found to be unsatisfactory will not be retained in the B.F.A. program
• Exhibit, under the supervision of a New Media advisor and/or the B.F.A. committee, a body of works executed
in New Media.
• Submit 20 slides (or high quality Digital Images)of exhibited New Media work to the Department of Art.

Related Requirements:
In addition to the 66 hours of course work in New Media, 18 hours of related coursework are also required, which must be chosen from courses acceptable for major credit, and which must included at least 15 hours in art history including a
non-western course. Art history courses must include:

ARTH 2000 – Aspects of Ancient Art 3 Hrs. or ARTH 2020 – Aspects of Medieval Art 3 Hrs.
ARTH 2080 – Modern Art
ARTH 3500 – History of Photography
ARTH 3600 – History of New Media

It is highly recommended that one of the art history courses be a WAC offering. The remaining hours may be selected from any courses offered in art history. Students pursuing the B.F.A. degree may not elect PS/NC option in studio fine art, art history or related courses. Art majors pursuing the B.F.A. degree must meet every semester with their New Media advisers.

NOTE: Degree requirements have changed for many of the Bachelor of Fine Arts (BFA) Programs. New checksheets will be posted soon. If you have any questions, please contact your academic advisor.

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Last Updated: 8/8/17