School of Visual and Performing Arts


The advancing drawing student, provided with the opportunity to practice and apply developed skills, is encouraged to explore alternative expressive possibilities that may mature into a cohesive body of work, thematically related, and leading to the Bachelor of Fine Arts thesis exhibition.

The advancing student, having gained an increasingly critical eye, and who can verbalize about art and make judgments about quality, is ultimately self-motivating. Such a student, equipped with a strong portfolio of work, is prepared for graduate Master of Fine Arts study.

The Drawing program intends, through its particular strengths in structural figure drawing, for students to create a working awareness of past and current figurative aesthetic wherever presented in the collection of The Toledo Museum of Art and in its temporary exhibitions, and to learn overall from this glorious tradition.

Through slides, reproductions, journals, travel to studios and exhibition, study in the art research library, and critique—students become aware of the ever expanding boundaries and definitions of drawing, and how this most immediate of the arts can teach us about ourselves.

Last Updated: 8/8/17