School of Visual and Performing Arts

Student Works

University of Toledo Social Documentary Photo Class Partners with Arts Commission/ AmeriCorp

This semester, UT Art students in Deborah Orloff’s Social Documentary Photography class have been working in partnership with The Arts Commission and AmeriCorp to help further Toledo’s Strategic Plan for Arts and Culture. The city’s plan is designed to “support cultural vibrancy, economic revitalization, and to connect and grow the rich network of creative life that exists in Toledo.”

SVPA UnBoxed: Wearable Conditions

On the evening of April 28, 2016, the second annual student created Wearable Conditions runway event was held in the Glass Pavilion at the Toledo Museum of Art. Wearable Conditions involves student research, creative design develop, costume construction, and presentation. Additionally, students produce a printed a catalog of the event. This year's event featured guest speaker, Brian Kennedy, Director of the Toledo Museum of Art, and a sound track created by Marc Folk, UT Alum and Executive Director of the Arts Commission. Over 350 guests attended the choreographed event and BFA opening reception.

Arts Diplomacy

The purpose of the Arts Diplomacy course was to understand the potential of community-based art to effect social change. The core experience was the research, design, and creation of a mural at Toledo's Frederick Douglass Center. Students in the class worked with members of the Douglass Center community, under the guidance of renowned community artist David Loewenstein. Our process was centered on awareness of, and respect for, diversity – in the Toledo community and in the world, in general. In this course, we have given a great deal of attention to the importance of honoring the various voices in the community: to understanding some of the reasons that those voices have historically been marginalized and putting into practice ways of recovering them, with community art as a tool of intervention.  The course was taught by Thor J. Mednick, Ph.D.

The City: Art Museum Practices and New Media Design Practices

This exhibition came together through the collaboration of students from the University of Toledo’s Art Museum Practices (AMP) and New Media Design Practices (NMDP) Programs. The AMP class, taught by Thor J. Mednick, was given the topic of The City on which to build an exhibition, articulate themes, and choose relevant works, along with the responsibility of researching and writing accompanying texts. The NMDP class, taught by Barry Whittaker, took on the task of creating exhibition graphics for print and web interfaces, all within guidelines provided by the Toledo Museum of Art

Digital Billboards

University of Toledo students annually participate in the Digital Billboard project developed by Assistant Professor, Barry Whittaker. The billboards are displayed in collaboration with Lamar Outdoor Advertising. In 2015, the billboard project expanded beyond Toledo into Detroit. In 2012, the project was recognized on a national scale, when it won of the 2012 Achievement in Digital Art & Design Award from the International Digital Media and Arts Association.“It’s very exciting to have student work seen locally and recognized nationally,” said Whittaker, coordinator of new media design practices, who directs the students on the project. “It was a unique opportunity to get the art out of the classroom and into the city.”


Last Updated: 8/8/17