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2017 Janus Vocal Arts Workshops - July 5-14

Janus Vocal Arts Festival at the University of Toledo

The Janus Vocal Arts Workshops are dedicated to training singers. This year's event offers an exciting array of options for singers and those who teach singing. Except for some performances, all workshop events are held in the University of Toledo Center for Performing Arts, 1910 W Rocket Drive, Toledo, OH. Parking is free in Area 12, the parking lot directly across the street from the CPA.

Deadlines to register/PAY

  • Emerging Artist Tracks - MAY 15 (Late registrations for this track must contact the director -
  • High School Student Track - JUNE 7
  • Individual Seminar Registration - JUNE 7
  • Payment on all tracks is due by JUNE 7

Opera Role Study for emerging Artists - July 5-14

Note - The registration deadline for this track has passed. To be considered for late registration, please contact the director. 

The Emerging Artist track is an intense commitment and requires 10 FULL days and evenings of your time and dedication. As an emerging artist with Janus, you will participate in a role study for Mark Adamo's opera "Little Women," July 5-14, with a culminating performance on July 14th. From morning to night, you will be offered coaching in music and acting, as well as voice lessons and stage movement.   

As an emerging artist, you will also have the opportunity to sing on multiple art song recitals at public venues in the Midwest.

You will also be automatically enrolled in our two seminars for the summer -- a professional development seminar entitled "Mind, Body, Voice: Taking the Mystery out of Breath and Breath Support" (July 7-8) and our “Music as a Business” seminar (July 12-13. Please see the “Seminar” heading below for more information about each seminar!

The Emerging Artist package includes everything the festival offers and is tremendous value at just $450. Including the two seminars, the Emerging Artist track is a $1,050 value. Your total cost is just $450! Other audition information and requirements are listed under “Role Study Participants” below! 

HIgh School student track

July 10-14

This weeklong workshop will focus on classical and musical theater training with a showcase at the end of the week. The workshop will include both solo and choral singing as well as choreography and activities such as yoga designed specifically for singers. This is an incredible experience that not only teaches you great singing technique, but also gives you an inside view of the University of Toledo and allows you to make new friends that are also passionate about singing! No audition required. (Cost: $250)


The "Music as a Business" seminar and the "Mind, Body, Voice" seminar can be taken separately. Each seminar is $300. If you want to attend both seminars, you can save money. When registering, there is an Emerging Artist track option that registers you for both seminars, but opts you out of the role study/recitals. Cost $450, savings of $150.


Professional Development Seminar - JULY 7-8 

Something every singer needs but can be very tricky to master - breath control! Learn the most effective techniques from experts in Yoga voice, holistic vocal professionals and through lessons in vocal pedagogy. This seminar is included as part of the Emerging Artist track or you can take it separately ($300). This seminar also offers a one-day option for $120. Attendance for the one-day option is July 8 only.


July 12-13 

Includes resume review, mock audition feedback, and Music as a Business presented by Dr. Denise Ritter-Bernardini and others. ($300)


If you signed up for the FULL Emerging Artist track, meaning you are participating in the role study and the art song recitals, you must submit a good, clear video of your audition. It should be posted online at YouTube, Vimeo, etc. The audition submission should be a 20th or 21st century aria in English. Please contact Dr. Denise Ritter-Bernardini by email ( if you need to arrange an in-person audition. You will also need to provide a bio (225 words or less), and a headshot (file size should be 500k to 2MB.) Audition submission, headshot and bio should be submitted no later than May 15, 2017.  They can be submitted as part of your registration. Note these are requirements for the Emerging Artist (role study) Track only. They are NOT required for the High School Student Track.

Payment Information

A $50 deposit is due right away, but the rest of the fees are due June 7. The deposit is a down payment on your fees, not in addition to them. Credit card payment is accepted (MC, VISA, AMEX, DISC or PayPal account). You can pay as you go in any amount before the due date. Credit card fees are 3% of the payment amount. To avoid fees, you may also pay in cash or money order at the main office of the UT Department of Music (located in the CPA). PERSONAL checks are not accepted. 

Pay Online

To pay online, visit the Janus Vocal Arts Festival payment web page. Make sure you register for the Festival before making a payment. 


  • Do I need to audition for the role study program? Answer: Yes, you may audition by sending a link to a YouTube video to

  • Is housing included in tuition? Answer: no it is not included. However housing is available on campus for an approximate rate of $32 per night. Visit

  • Can I work and still participate in Janus? Answer: No, we will not be taking work schedules into consideration is scheduling our program.

  • What is included in the tuition? Answer: vocal coaching, stage movement, acting instruction, two seminars listed above, participation in an Art Song Recital, and a public performance of “Little Women.”

  • Do I need to have the music memorized? Answer: Yes, you must be off book by the first day of the festival.If you have questions not addressed here, let us know! We'll be happy to help you. Email the director at

If you have questions not addressed here, let us know! We'll be happy to help you. Email the director at

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