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No. Acceptance into the University of Toledo is a requirement for each student regardless of major. To be accepted in the Department of Music, you must successfully complete an audition into the music department on your major instrument/voice.

What do I perform for the audition?

The requirements for audition can be found by on the auditioning requirements web page.

Is an accompanist required for the audition?

The department provides an accompanist for vocal music auditions. An accompanist is not required for auditioning on an instrument. You may bring your own accompanist if you desire to do so. Click for more information about accompanists.

Is there a music theory placement examination?

Yes, all incoming students are required to take a music theory placement exam. The test covers written and aural identification of fundamental music elements including: meters and time signatures, rhythmic values, clefs, note names, key signatures, and scales. Students who pass the music theory placement test are permitted to register for MUS 1610 Music Theory and Ear Training I. Those who do not pass the test must register for MUS 2200 Music Theory for the Non-Major.

Students with limited or no background in music theory are encouraged to consult an introductory music theory text such as the following: “Music First!” by Gary C. White, “Mastering the Fundamentals of Music” by Rebecca M. Herrold, or “Fundamentals of Music” by Earl Henry. Students who receive a score of 4 or higher on the Music Theory Advanced Placement are not required to take a music theory placement test.

What if I cannot attend a scheduled audition day?

Individual auditions can be scheduled on other days if necessary. If distance prohibits an on-campus audition, permission for submitting a recorded audition may be granted by the appropriate applied music or music ensemble faculty. Call the Music Department office to schedule an alternative audition date 419.530.2448.

How do I apply to The University of Toledo?

Applying to UT can be done in one of several ways. Undergraduate students have the following options: Option 1: Apply online This option is the fastest, allowing you to fill out and submit your application online in one easy step. Option 2: Fill out a printed application Printed application forms are distributed in the mail, during visits to campus, and online as a PDF. Applications to The University of Toledo are accepted throughout the year, and admission decisions are made on a rolling basis. Refer to our Application web page for other dates and deadlines.

Applying to Graduate/Professional Programs to apply for admission into the graduate program, please visit the Graduate Admission page.

What extra expenses will I have as a music student?

There are additional lab fees for private instruction (14 lessons per semester) and chamber ensemble. Students will need to purchase music for their applied lessons. Concert dress for most performing ensembles is a traditional black tuxedo for male students and a conservative black dress for female students. Marching Band students must provide their own black shoes.

How much practice time is expected?

Students in applied private music lessons are expected to practice one hour a day per credit hour for which they are registered. Performance Majors register for a 4 credit hour lesson. Music education majors register for a 2 credit hour lesson. Large ensembles meet as a class 2 or 4 days per week. Marching Band rehearses 4 days a week plus game days.

I am not a music major. Am I still eligible for a music scholarship?

Scholarships are also available for ensemble participation. You must audition in order to be considered for a music scholarship. Ensemble auditions are held at the beginning of each semester.

Do I need to audition to participate in an ensemble?

The band, choir, orchestra, opera and jazz ensemble directors may require auditions for acceptance into their ensembles. Ensemble auditions are held at the beginning of each semester, usually the first week of classes. To audition or for more information, contact the director of the ensemble:

Last Updated: 8/21/19