Department of World Languages and Cultures

Foreign Language Graduate Reading Exams

The Department of World Languages and Cultures administers Graduate Reading Exams for Master and Ph.D. degree candidates every semester. Exams are given during the ninth week of Fall and Spring semesters, and during the fourth week of Summer Sessions I and II. Students need to register with the College of Graduate Studies

Applicants should contact the Department of World Languages and Cultures Office well in advance, preferably in the beginning of the semester, to determine necessary procedures, contact persons, and material submissions before the time of the exam. A faculty member will approve materials for the exams and grade the completed examinations.

The selected faculty member in the language field will select 40 pages of text (from the materials the applicant supplies) for the preparation of the exam. The department office takes care of copying the pages for the exam and also sees that the book or article is returned to the student.

The applicant then schedules an appointment with the Test Center in Gillham Hall to take the exam. The exam is limited to three hours and the student is allowed one dictionary. The exams are graded as Pass/Fail. In the case of a grade of Fail, another colleague in the language will read the exam and give his/her opinion.

Last Updated: 1/31/19