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Undergraduate Admissions

Students preparing for college study must complete a carefully planned program of study in high school. Only students who have earned a high school diploma, or the equivalent, will be considered for admission to baccalaureate degree programs. The University's colleges have high school college preparatory curriculum requirements. Adequate preparation in English and mathematics is of paramount importance. Therefore, all first year students entering the baccalaureate colleges are required to have completed four years of high school English (i.e., freshman, sophomore, junior and senior) and also will be tested to determine proficiency in English composition and mathematics. Deficiencies will have to be corrected in the first year of college study.

First Year (New) Students Admission Standards

The University of Toledo requires specific completion of college preparatory curriculum course work for admission consideration to baccalaureate programs.

College preparatory core curriculum (1 unit is equal to 1 year of high school study), which includes:

· 4 units of English

· 3 units of math (including Algebra I, II, and Geometry or equivalent course work)

· 3 units of natural science

· 3 units of social studies

Itshould be stressed that these requirements are for study in the baccalaureate colleges. While the same curriculum is recommended for students preparing for study in the Community and Technical College, a minimum preparatory curriculum of three years of high school English and two years of mathematics (algebra I and geometry or algebra I and II) is required. Ohio residents not meeting the above requirements are reviewed on an individual basis for admission consideration.

Note: The profile of first-year students enrolling for the Fall 1996 class included these averages: a 2.85 cumulative high school grade point average (GPA); an ACT composite score of 21; an SAT combined score of 1050. Although these averages should not be construed as minimum requirements for admission, it provides an academic benchmark of our currently enrolled student population.

Last Updated: 6/9/16