Provost's Office

Entrance Deficiencies

Students with certain subject matter deficiencies must remove these no later than the start of the second year in residence. Deficiencies may be removed by any of the following means:

1.The required units may be earned in an accredited high school summer or evening session.

2.The required units may be taken after a student has entered the University. A student deficient in one or more of the mathematics courses required for admission can remove the deficiencies by taking and passing the appropriate courses as follows:

Deficiency Required Course(s) Basic Math MATH 0900 (7 1/2 week module) H.S. Algebra I MATH 0910, 0930, 0950 (7 1/2 week modules) Optional Labs MATH 0920, 0940, 0960 (7 1/2 week modules) H.S. Algebra II MATH 1150 H.S. Geometry MATH 0970

These courses are all currently taught on a pass/no credit basis, and credit in these developmental courses will not apply toward the degree.

3.Students who have not taken four units of high school English are considered deficient and cannot use English 1180 to satisfy the Composition II requirement.

Last Updated: 6/9/16