Provost's Office

Registration Policies

Adding a Class or Registering Late

A student may add a course or register late within the first 3 calendar days of a new semester with no signature required as long as a seat is available. Students wishing to add a class between the 4th and 15th calendar days inclusively of a new term may be able to do so with an approved signature.

Dropping a Class

During the first 15 calendar days, a student may drop from a class with no record on the student's transcript.

Withdrawing From a Class

A student may withdraw from a class during calendar day 16 through Friday of week 8 inclusively. A grade of "W" will appear on the student's transcript.

Aninstructor may issue a grade of "IW" (Instructor Withdrawal) to students who register for a class and either never attend or stop attending and fail to withdraw. This grade will be reported by the end of the 10th week. Policy regarding the allowable maximum number of W's will include the grade of IW.

Withdrawal (W and IW) Policies

Colleges may limit the total number of Ws and IWs a student may accumulate. Consult the appropriate college section of this catalog.

Academic Course Overload

A student who wants to enroll for more than 21 semester hours in a semester or 16 total hours during the summer must have a signature from the college dean.

Refund Policy

Policies related to refund of fees for changes of schedule are presented in the University's "Schedule of Classes" for the semester or "The University of Toledo Finance Brochure." The date used to determine eligibility for refund shall be the date the drop transaction is processed. Failure to attend class, giving notice to an instructor, stopping payment on a check that was used to pay fees, or similar unofficial notice to any University office shall not be considered official notice.


Information related to scheduling/registration procedures is described in The University of Toledo's "Schedule of Classes." This schedule is printed for each academic semester. Students with disabilities may have priority registration through the Office of Accessibility.

Transient Student Status

University of Toledo students who wish to take course work at another university or college as transient students must receive prior approval from their colleges and complete the "Advanced Approval for Course Work Taken at Another Institution" form.

Last Updated: 6/9/16