University of Toledo 1998 - 2000 Catalog

Grade Deletion/Withdrawl

Grade Deletion for Repeated Courses

The College of Arts and Sciences permits a maximum of 12 semester hours or the equivalent of 16 quarter hours of course work to be deleted from the GPA calculation. Students who have had their GPAs recomputed under the Academic Forgiveness Policy are not eligible for grade deletions.

Criteria governing grade deletions are given in the General Section of this catalog. Students should check with the College Student Services Office for more specific information on this policy.

Withdrawal Policy (W, IW, DR Grades)

The number of credit hours of W, IW and DR is limited to 22 hours for all undergraduate students in degree programs in the College of Arts and Sciences. Once a student has accumulated 22 hours of W, IW or DR, further withdrawals will be counted as F's in computation of the student's GPA for purposes of probation or suspension. In addition, students who receive financial aid risk the loss of financial aid if they accumulate excessive hours of W, IW and DR.

Students who transfer into the College of Arts and Sciences from another college at The University of Toledo will bring with them the number of W's, IW's and DR's accumulated in their previous work.

Last Updated: 5/10/18